The HMRRC offers cash awards for runners who place in its Grand Prix series. The awards go seven deep in six age-group categories (29 and under; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70 and up) for both men and women. Only active club members at the time of an event score points for that event. For full article, click here

The people listed in this article participated in all five HMRRC Winter Series races and volunteered for one of them, thus receiving the Winter Series Survivor Award at the last event. This year a great HMRRC running belt was the prize. Enter next year and you can help the club and receive a nice bonus. For full article, click here

by Tom O'Grady
As an experienced runner, competitor and coach, Tom O'Grady tells what it is like directing his first road race. The early morning torrential rain disappeared, but Tom was ready for whatever the weather had to offer. By the start of the race, it was in the low 60s with runners cavorting in short sleeves and singlets on January 12! For full article, click here

Each year, the members of HMRRC have the opportunity to nominate and designate a fellow club member for their Distinguished Service to the club. On June 7, the 2020 designee will have the distinction of having the Distinguished Service Race run in their honor. A nomination form is included. For full article, click here

by Ben Heller
Ben deals with existential questions revolving around how as runners we face the struggle of life. He offers suggestions on the path that could be followed. For full article, click here

by Dick Vincent
If a workout seems to be too much, it probably is. As runners and competitors, it is easy to push ourselves too far and hurt ourselves. It is a fine art to know when to say enough. As a friend of Dick’s said, “It isn't going to hurt you to miss the workout if it's going to hurt you to do the workout!” For full article, click here

by Theresa DeLorenzo
In article 4 of the Series “It Runs in the Family,” Theresa tells how she raised her daughters to be runners. The joy on their faces as they run is heartwarming. Like mother, like daughters. For full article, click here

by David Troischt
The New York City Marathon was one of David's bucket list races since he started running 5 years ago. The lottery was never his ticket but he qualified in 2019, and all systems were GO!! Not realizing his dream would come true, he had scheduled marathons that would come before and immediately after. For full article, click here

by HMRRC Members
This is the first in a column that will let you know more about the members of our running community who you see plying the streets and trails of the Albany area and running in races locally, nationally and globally. We will interview 5 people each month and we hope you enjoy their varied responses. For full article, click here

by Russ Ebbets
"One of the ways to teach a technical element or technique style of a sport is to use word cues that the athlete can associate with desired actions. The cues might serve as reminders to the athlete to assure proper sequencing of ..." For full article, click here

by Lisa DiCocco
"I was motivated to become a run coach because I am what many would call a slower runner (pace is all relative, honestly), and I (incorrectly) believed that many coaches only work with elite or “fast” runners..." For full article, click here

by Jim Gazzale
This is the second in a series of five articles that Jim is devoting to the proper diet for endurance athletes. Fat is one of the key elements in proper nutrition but not just any fat. He will discuss the good and the bad and will tell you how to figure out the amount you need in relation to your activity. For full article, click here

by Peter Sheridan
Now in its third year of honoring athletes at its annual dinner, the Greater Capital Region Track, Field and Cross Country Hall of Fame asks you to nominate athletes in our area who you think deserve to be honored. The club welcomes your input. For full article, click here

by Theresa DeLorenzo
I started Nutrition for Optimal Performance in the Fall of 2019. I have worked with several athletes to help them improve their performance, lose weight and to just be healthier overall. During this time, I have also completed my 200 hour yoga certification and have started working with athletes in a class setting as well as individually to improve their flexibility, to decrease stress and to improve their relationship with food. For full article, click here

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
"I try hard to not snack after dinner, but I have a bad habit of getting into the ice cream...” We all can identify with this. Nancy Clark has a response that may surprise you that snacking can be helpful for runners. For full article, click here

by Anouk Booneman
In this month's Plant Based Food column by Anouk, she gives an easy to make, delicious and healthy recipe that runners will delight in. Yes, you can buy granola bars but they are heavily processed. Why not make your own!? For full article, click here

by Sally Drake and Mark Mindel
Once again our runner/athletes are recommending books that you can read curled up on a comfortable chair, by a fire with a drink of mulled cider on the table next to your book. A great way to make your nights more pleasant or in the case of Mark's books, get your adrenaline pumping. Enjoy! For full article, click here

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