by Bill Hoffman
What to do when races are cancelled? One option is to run virtual races, another is to make your own challenge as Bill did in last month's Tales from the Trail "Taconic Crest Trail Ultra Adventure," and another is setting an FTK (Fastest Known Time). This month he tackled the Saranac 6 Ultra Challenge ... For full article, click here

by Laura Clark
Due to the pandemic and the changes it wrought, Ms. Clark relates how she went from loving to run races on trails and roads to running them virtually through the miracle of fiberoptics and enjoying them – sort of!! For full article, click here

by Benita Zahn
"What do you think about when you run? If I had a dime for every time someone asked me that …" Read the column and find out what Benita does think about and why it makes her running meaningful. For full article, click here

by Tom O'Grady
Shenendehowa held its annual summer running camp this year spreading hope in a COVID-19 world. "One of the most important aspects of the summer program in 2020 is that meeting in person this summer allows kids to socialize in a way they haven’t since March or April." For full article, click here

by Dee Ann Webster
Dee Ann is a fiercely competitive athlete who has seen race after race fall. She ends her piece with a "Bring it On" attitude: "2021 is going to be jam packed with deferred races from 2020." For full article, click here

by Karoline Chrzanowski-Sears
Karoline wrote a touching tribute to the CDPHP WTC race that she honored by running it on its scheduled date even though it was canceled. She mentions the influence it has had on her and thousands of others. For full article, click here

by Vasil Koleci
Mr. Koleci is a meteorologist who works for the National Weather Service in Albany. He relates how an office member "muscled" him into being an office team member for CDPHP WTC and how it literally changed his life in a way he didn't think possible. For full article, click here

by Vasil Koleci
When asked what CDPHP WTC race stood out the most for him, as a meteorologist Vasil naturally chose a day that the weather was beyond crazy from excessive heat later followed by a brutal storm. All those who experienced it, will never forget it, yet they all came back the next year. For full article, click here

by John Pinder
Rebecca Pinder is celebrated by her husband John, who is in awe of her for the many things she does to inspire him and their two boys from her athletic skills to her love of humanity. For full article, click here

by Charles A. Bishop
The Virtual Boston Marathon will be run from September 7-14. The most famous part of the course to many is Heartbreak Hill, and you will find out how it earned the name and the historical ramifications of it that extend back for centuries. For full article, click here

by Russ Ebbets
As people age, muscles can atrophy and that is not good. Amazingly, a simple item like a rocking chair can help to fight off the loss of these aging effects by a process called active rest. Ebbets explains why a rocking chair may be a great gift for your parents and grandparents. For full article, click here

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Summer can be a dangerous time to train or run races, particularly if you do not hydrate properly. Clark explains the physiology involved and that as you practice in heat, your running improves. She gives tips to make your running even better. For full article, click here

by Dick Vincent
Mike Barnow has a coaching career that spans over half a century and his accomplishments and records, be they Olympic, world or national, are legion. Recently one of his proteges, Lindsey Scherf, set the women's indoor world record for the marathon in 2:40:55. For full article, click here

by James Steinbauer
Americans love hamburgers but are they healthy for you and good for our environment? Is it possible to break the American burger habit and rein in the environmental and animal-welfare disaster that is the beef industry? For full article, click here

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
While some runners have cast iron stomachs and few concerns about what and when they eat before they exercise, others live in fear of pre-exercise fuel contributing to undesired pit stops during their workouts. For full article, click here

by Anouk Booneman
In Upstate New York, Midsummer brings us a cornucopia of fresh vegetables, herbs and summer fruits, which we should enjoy while we can. Anouk supplies great recipes for us to delectate. For full article, click here

by Christine Bishop
Want to find out what's in The Pace Setter? This article will show you how to search out material from 2020 back to 2008 and has lots of cool pictures of past Pace Setter covers from the print versions. For full article, click here

Anthony Pasqualino, Kristen Hislop, Andy Reed, Alyssa Hall Risko and Greg Rickes respond to questions … some new that give you insights into what makes them run and keep on running in a COVID-19 world. For full article, click here

by Sally Drake and Mark Mindel
Once again Sally and Mark have great book recommendations for you to read after running that will make the pandemic time fly. Happy running, happy reading, and stay safe! For full article, click here

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