Virtual 5 & 10K Races For You to Run in April

by Bill Bean

                                                        Bill with Tom Ryan

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. We’re living in a time that will be read about in our grandchildren’s History class.

With a pandemic, an uncertain economy, and ongoing political surrealism, the loss of a runner’s spring race season is a tough blow for many of us to take. In the grand scheme of things, though, racing for a PR, a t-shirt or a trinket on a ribbon probably isn’t all that important. Insignificant at best. But to some of us, running (and running at the top of our ability) holds a powerful and meaningful place in our lives. It has a significant and positive effect on our spirit. We need to run fast.

We cannot race together as a group but we can run “virtual” races by ourselves and then post the results on the Pace Setter accompanied by a Strava map or one from another app showing distance, time, and date.  For the May issue of the Pace Setter, the results from virtual 5K and 10K races that you send data for will be published with overall winners and 5-year age category winners.  The top three male and female winners in the overall categories will each receive a $10 gift certificate from Amazon.  The winners in the age categories will receive virtual awards and documentation in the May Pace Setter.

There are marked distance paths on many bike trails and in parks, but unfortunately spring weather has brought many people out on these paths making social distancing hard if not dangerous. So, if you have roads that you travel near your home and know that they have little pedestrian traffic, run there.

Remember this must be run by you with no one else accompanying you and you must send verifying data.  Social distancing is critical to fight the coronavirus. Do not run in an area that is crowded.

If the state of New York forbids outdoors exercise, we will put the races on hold and continue it when the ban is lifted.

Racing is a part of our lives, and these virtual races can fill that role during trying times.  Just remember to follow social distancing so you live to race again and…

REMEMBER TO ENTER.  Click here to send us your results during the month of April.

Happy Running and remember to social distance!

    Bill, with George Baraauskas, and Melissa Grandjean in times before social distancing

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