Racing on Unknown Paths

by Greg Rickes

It’s 6 p.m. on Saturday, March 21 2020, and I should be standing on the starting line for the Wildlight 5k  in Yulee Florida.  Instead I’m sitting here at the keyboard contemplating how the world has changed in almost unimaginable ways and wondering what I could possible say to my fellow runners that offers any insight or value.  There are countless others who are more learned and more eloquent.

If you’re like me, the unknown produces anxiety, and this unknown is uncharted territory for all of us. Perhaps the worst is not knowing how long this will last, or when we will feel secure that it’s over. The pessimist in me feels like we’re only seeing the beginning right now.

As runners we will all miss special moments – for the competitive types it will be the exhilaration, for the dedicated it will be crossing the finish line, for the rest of us it will be the social experience. But like we do on any run, focus forward. We will emerge from this, chastened and changed to be sure, but emerge we will. Be well. Be safe. Keep moving, even as you keep your distance. That’s who we are and we always will be.

HMRRC also feels this way!! Stay safe, practice social distancing, keep running as soon the races will begin anew.

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