by Bill Hoffman
This is the second year in a row that Bill Hoffman has run the Leadville Trail 100 and this article clearly shows why. As you read his descriptions of the vistas, the trails. the lakes, the mountain streams, you can almost smell the fresh mountain air. His descriptions are so vivid and humorous that we may be able to sign up an HMRRC contingent to join him next year on his inevitable LT100 2020 try.
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by Josh Merlis with an Afterword by Dick Vincent
The Thacher Park Trail Running Festival was born in 2014 when Christopher Fallon, Park Manager at John Boyd Thacher State Park, asked Josh to create a running event at Thacher Park to celebrate its 100th anniversary. It is a monster event that in one day features a 10K, half marathon, marathon and a 50K. In an afterword, Dick Vincent says, "It's not a lark in the park, but it's not a vulture either. It is about perfect." For full article, click here

by Christine Bishop
You can almost feel the energy in the force field vibrate as the month of October nears when two of the major races in the Greater Albany Area will be run on October 13. The Mohawk Hudson Marathon and the Hannaford Half Marathon have very strong competitors, several of whom have qualified for the US Olympic Marathon Trails in 2020. Come to the event to cheer them on.
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by Todd Shatynski
"While smaller, shorter events can usually be covered by a single ambulance, larger and longer events have a greater variety of conditions that can benefit from diverse medical involvement. Since 2011, I have been involved with the HMRRC in serving as a medical director for the marathon and half marathon events, helping to coordinate the medical care and safe participation of the runners." For full article, click here

by HMRRC Members
Ever wonder what races our members look forward to in the fall? You can read the various responses and may get some great ideas for yourself. Fall is a celebrated time to run and enjoy the wonderful colors and aromas that Autumn brings along with great temperatures to race in. Three of the great races soon to come are the MHR Marathon, Hannaford Half Marathon and the Stockade-athon.
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by Sean O'Donnell
Sean tells the epic story of his first Ironman race and relates the accounts of many who said that becoming an Ironman changed their lives and made them new persons. He wondered how it would affect him. Could it possibly do that to him? He also mentions the son of a friend who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer who served as an inspiration during the grueling event. For full article, click here

by Dennis Beardsley
In the beginning of 2019, Dennis began training for the Tinman 70.3 in Tupper Lake. His goal was to improve his time and PR. "I was training smart, but I trained hard. I didn’t skip the workouts and I put the effort in." When he woke up to get ready for the race he noticed he was feeling short of breath and having difficulty breathing ...
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by Christine Bishop
Karli Taylor has teamed up with Mat Nark to present a yoga program for runners to stay injury free and stronger through yoga. It meets every other Tuesday. The next one is on September 17 at the Nark Running Strategies studio sharply at 6:30 p.m. Namaste!!!
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by Coach Kristen Hislop
"The mornings have a crispness in the air ... that can only mean one thing; marathon season (MHR on October 13). Whether you are doing 13.1 or 26.2, the miles pile on as training peaks toward your race. You meticulously plan ... but are you training effectively? Why guess at where your paces need to be? Why guess at how many calories you need while racing? Test don’t guess." For full article, click here

by Marcia Adams
This year, for the first time, on September 20, Friday, the HMRRC Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet have been merged into one. The happy hour with an array of hors d'oeuvres begins at 6 p.m., at Treviso's by Mallozi. Then the annual meeting will start at 6:30, as part of the social hour. Dinner will be served at 7 p.m. During dessert, the Hall of Fame and President’s Award will be held. That will be followed by dancing to the irresistible music of Big Fez and the Surfamatics. The cost for all of this is $30 per person! For full article, click here

by Peter Sheridan
September is Banquet Month and the Greater Capital Region Track, Field, and Cross Country is holding it’s 2nd annual banquet and this year for the first time is honoring road racers. The three nominees are known to us for the records they have smashed and the ones they hold: Barry Brown, Tom Dalton and Elizabeth Maloy DeBole. HMRRC members are cordially invited to attend to celebrate these great runners.
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by Nancy Clark, MS, RD
Many people think that a Vegan Diet cannot be good for athletes and particularly runners who engage in vigorous training. and demanding competitions. Noted Dietitian Nancy Clark presents an array of facts from scientific studies that analyze the vegan diet. In this article she exposes myths and misinformation that cloud the issue and rationally examines the strengths and weakness of the vegan diet. For full article, click here

by Anouk Booneman
Anouk Booneman is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and specializes in plant based food. She offers here some great vegan recipes for dining. Try her Summery Tomato, Lemon and White Bean Salad, Summer Cabbage Slaw, and Chili Mint Sautéed Cucumbers served with refreshing Mint Watermelon Lemonade. She will be sharing vegan recipes with us in the coming months. For full article, click here

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD
"Too many of today's runners believe carbohydrates are 'bad.' If that's true, what does the latest sports nutrition research say? The following studies, presented at the American College of Sports Medicine's 66th Annual Meeting (Orlando FL, May 2019) indicate sports scientists agree that carbohydrates (grains, fruits, veggies; sugars, starches) can be health and performance enhancing sport foods." For full article, click here

by Sally Drake and Mark Mindel
As usual Sally and Mark give us a slew of great book recommends to make us want to run immediately to the library. One noted by Sally is of particular interest to runners who are known to cherish their brew after races. The Lager Queen of Minnesota is a mesmerizing book about three generations of women beer brewers in Minnesota that traces their lives while detailing the science of beer-making and the history of craft brewing in America. For full article, click here

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