New Year Survey - 2019 Running Goals

Members of the HMRRC were asked what their running goals were for 2019 and if they received any Christmas gifts to help up their game. Enjoy reading their responses, and Happy Running in 2019!

Andy Reed

2019 goals: sub 3 marathon, get back to Boston in 2020, under 17:30 for 5k. Stay healthy! The best Christmas gift I got this year was good health!

Dan Lennon

Running goals for 2019: Run sub 2:13 in the marathon, win either the US25k championship, and stay healthy

Christmas gift: Nothing really to up my run game, but I got a new suit that should hopefully help my law career.

Katie Kurtesis McNamara

I got the reboot of the Hoka Clifton 1, running lights, Goretex running gloves, and a Hyperwarm running top! My goals are still tentative but probably the Helderberg to Hudson, Eagleman 70.3, Ohio 70.3.

John Parisella

No running gifts. I hope to run healthy, train steadily harder, and make an 80% age graded result in 2019.

Christina Myers

I signed up for the Hudson Mohawk marathon- I’m hoping to run a sub 3:00 & to qualify for nationals in the 10K in outdoor track. As for Christmas gifts, I got a light up vest so I can run outside in the early morning hours safely instead of having to use the treadmill

Michael DiNicola

I was really bummed last year when I got injured and could not finish and dropped a spot in the USATF Grand Prix races. This year I want to complete and score in both the USATF and HMRRC Grand Prix, Go under 1:20 in the half marathon, run a marathon in the 2:40s range, go under 55min in the 15k and above all else stay healthy. Got a new pair of Pegasus for xmas.

Jessica is #451

Jessica Bashaw

Running/race goal is really to have a breakthrough performance (aka substantial PR) at Chicago in the fall. The theme of this year’s holiday gifts was safety...light up vest, knuckle lights (which are AWESOME), and heel lights. There will be no missing me at zero dark thirty.

Thomas Denham

Goals: 20 races, plus 5 triathlons, 2 duathlons, 2 half marathons and 1 Ragnar

Sally Drake

My running goal for 2019 is to run consistently and race and train in moderation. Instead of attaching to a pace or time expectation, my measure of success will be how running makes me feel. If I feel healthy and balanced I’ll know I’m meeting my goal. If I feel exhausted, anxious or in pain I will readjust. This year I will run for my health and well-being and to help me be better for my family and my community of friends and colleagues.

Owen Robert Strong

Running Los Angeles Marathon in March 2019. Marathon PR is goal for 2019 (not at LA though).

Kristen on left with Fighter Top

Kristen Hislop

I am doing Helderberg Half to get ready for the Eagleman 70.3 triathlon in June. Better my mile time at the Route 50 and the new mile on the track at Shen in July. I'll race as many of the HMRRC and USATF Grand Prix events as I can - that in and of itself will be a challenge! This year the only run gift I received was Peter Sagal's new book. It is awesome. Oh wait - I did receive a run gift from my friend Sharon - UB cow bells so I can cheer like a crazy Mom for Alex next fall running XC at Buffalo.

Juan Martinez

My goals for 2019 is to stay healthy, race more often from the 5k to the half, to break my 2:37 PR in the marathon and hoping for a good Boston race. This past Christmas I received several pairs of running sneakers to help me up my game.

Lisa D

My Christmas gift was an emergency vet bill, LOL! My main running goal has always been to keep doing what I’m doing - aside from all the race goals, being able to run is itself a blessing and something I want to be able to do for as long as I’m alive! My secondary goals are to run strong races and learn as much as I can along the way. I tend to be a minimalist runner in the sense that I don’t really buy a lot of running apparel or gadgets and gizmos. I did, however, buy a new pair of sneakers. I love new sneakers!

Scott Mindel

Running goals are trying to pr in the marathon and hopefully getting an Olympic trials qualifying time.

Olivia Beltrani
My housemate and I are running Boston 2019 together and have the goal of breaking 3 hours. I would like to take another go at getting 1:21 or below in the half (PR - 1:22), perhaps in the end of summer. I love taking the summer to train on trails/run a casual trail race or 2. 

Stephanie Wilkinson

Goals: 3:25 marathon and 1:35 half! And I got a few new pairs of sneakers to start trinity off fresh!

Darryl Partridge

My Running Goals for 2019 *Complete another Spartan Trifecta *Run a few Half Marathons *Tennessee Ragnar with Amputee Blade Runner Team *Keep working toward the goal of completing a full marathon *Inspire as many amputees as I can to get out and run. For Christmas I got 4 sets of gymnastic rings. I will be hanging them , from the ceiling, across the back of my garage, so I can swing from ring to ring across my garage by my arms. This will be part of my Spartan training. Happy New Year!

Angela Stritt

No Christmas gifts, I’m super picky and like to pick out my own gear. As for goals... to stay healthy and keep running happily. For me, it is not the number of miles or a race PR (although those are nice too), it is about being the healthiest me.

Mel Hine

My 2019 goals are a sub 1:26 PR and sub 19 5k! I got a Berkey water filter system soooo I guess it will help me stay hydrated.

Parker Race

Goals- I'm running Boston again and then Big Sur- it's a challenge. Boston to Big Sur. Hopefully running NYC. I'm trying to knock off the majors. Gifts- I received the Garmin foot pod. This will help with pacing in the treadmill. Let me know if you need more information. Thanks!

Richard Kelly

Wineglass marathon, I would like to do it in 4 hrs. A pair of running shoes and a noxgear reflective vest.

Jennifer Kehn

2019 I'm going to try to break 1:45 in the half! I've come close a few times, but have yet to get that goal. No running-related gifts this year, but I did stock up on shoes thanks to Christmas-related sales

Alyssa Hall Risko

In 2019 I would like to work on my nutrition and mental game! I’m looking forward to breaking 1:40 in the half and 3:40 in the full! I am lucky enough to have a very talented sister who made this picture and shelf for me! Very motivating!!

George Berg

Haha, easy one: since I will be making a 3rd monster comeback my wife got me a new pair of track spikes to shoot for a top 5 in the USA for the 3000 Steeplechase in July .. also I was given two iPads to help me coach with at the high jump and long jump for my youth team .. and a hall pass to run any race I want in the world if comeback is successful, she knows me very well.

Colleen Schermerhorn-Murray 

2019 - race goals ... Work on speed this season .. looking to have 2 very solid 70.3 races this year .... with some shorter distance races tossed in between. Christmas gift to up my run game - Def a new head lamp for those early morning runs.

Brad Lewis

I got a noxgear tracer360. It’s incredibly bright and is going to make me visible when I run at night. I’m always hesitant when it comes to night running. I bring a flashlight. The tracer360 is bright and will make me more comfortable and safe. I also got two nice pairs of running shorts. My wife is so nice to me!! She must have seen my interview at the turkey trot. She knows I don’t want to “fight with my pants”.

Connie is in the middle

Connie Smith
Running/race goals - to be competitive in my age group, run more trails, and complete as many grand prix hmrrc and Saratoga Stryders events as I can. Christmas gift - bumped up from a basic to a premier membership specifically for the winter at Orangetheory Fitness. This level will provide me with unlimited monthly classes where I can maintain speed work on the treadmill and build strength through floor exercise and the rowing machine.

John Sheehy

Half marathon April Oct. Treadmill

Stephanie Pitts

My running / race goal is to return to Marathon running after dealing with injuries that have prevented me from doing so in the past Five years. I also plan to do two 70.3 Ironman races and a 1/2 marathon in April.

The gift that I got for Christmas that will up my run game is race entries!! Lol!

Bob Irwin

Starting running again would be good. Just some running shorts.

Anne McGuirk Hurley

I’d love to get back to a sub 2 hour half marathon. Cold weather gear that I got will keep me running through the winter

Alexander Arslan

1) PR in the 5k, 10k, and half. 2) Got a yoga mat to do core/general strength work on.

Lauren Carnahan

Goals: I’m running Boston again and then Big Sur-it’s a challenge. Boston to Big Sur. Hopefully running NYC. I’m trying to knock off the majors. Gifts: I received the Garmin foot pod. This will help with pacing on the treadmill.

Larissa Christine
To run a faster Boston Qualifying time for 2020. No running related Christmas gifts this year.

Marna Meltzer McMorris

My goal is a strong finish in the Boston Marathon! My amazing husband gave me wonderful winter running presents to keep me comfortable and warm.

Lori Jon Kingsley

Break 3 at 53. That's my main goal. Haven't raced a road marathon since 2011 and I got the fever to go back. Since I've raced some 35-65 mile races, this distance I hope feels good.

Allison Bradley

I don't have goal races...yet. I'm coming off of a base building year and hoping to get back to previous strength/fitness. I was very lucky to receive some significant gift cards to fleet feet to keep me geared up for the next year and a smart bike trainer to up my cycling game at cross training.

Rick Munson

To run at least 1400 miles. Even though I’m getting older I like to beat my times from 2018.To many deserts for Christmas. And that’s not gonna up my game! lol

Michelle Davis

Boston training will start mid January and I will be training for a PR, or be really close. It's hard to say when I'll be fully recovered. Each run I feel stronger and stronger. A concern of mine is I'll be too scared to really push myself in fear of getting hurt again. But, time will tell. 

Jennifer Bergeron

1) (3) 70.3 Races (trying to get under 6hrs for each one)

2) BQ

Cadie Cargile Pangie

My running goal is to qualify for Boston again this year.

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