The Luck of the Draw

by Alyssa Risko

During my training for the 2018 NYC Marathon, I decided I would finish NYC, run Boston in the Spring,  and take a break from full marathon training to focus on running a faster half.  This decision lasted literally a week!  I saw the lottery registration open for the Berlin Marathon and couldn’t help thinking to myself “maybe just one more full?”  I obviously had to run this one by my husband, so I sent a quick email to Kevin asking his thoughts on me throwing my name into the lottery.  Naturally I insisted it was HIGHLY unlikely I would be drawn on my first attempt – I mean, from everything I’ve heard, no one ever gets in on their first try!  Of course his response was “sure honey.”  I’d like to think this was due to the classic “happy wife, happy life” but I’m guessing it actually had more to do with the marathon being held during Oktoberfest!!  Three plus hours is a lot of time to taste some German beer and still make it to the finish line to cheer!!

Alyssa is on the left in blue

Fast forward one month – I was running a typical AM run with one of my longest training partners when I realized it was the day acceptance notifications were being sent . After an easy five mile run, I checked my email and much to my surprise had received the coveted “congratulatory notice.”  Despite my assurances to Kevin that no one ever gets in, I had, in fact, been drawn to run Berlin! I laughed out loud and thought to myself “am I really reading this?!”  At first I was in disbelief, and kept re-reading the email to make sure it was correct!  Then I realized this would be my fourth world major!  The only question now is “do I try for all six” and more importantly, “are there similar beer events in Tokyo and London to draw Kevin in?”  Later that day, I received news that my friend, Meg, was also drawn in the lottery ….  I cannot wait to share this experience with her!  This will be a fun run for sure! 

Training for Boston just started under the guidance of my Coach, Mathew Nark.  I am enjoying the early mornings and evenings hitting the pavement with my running crew (too many to name for whom I’m forever grateful for) while also incorporating strength classes in a couple of days a week.  After Boston, I look forward to some R&R before Berlin training commences. Stay tuned! I can’t wait to share this experience with you!!

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