HMRRC Grand Prix Series 2018

by Christine Bishop

The HMRRC Grand Prix Series is comprised of 12 races. In total $9,420 is given in prize money to the top 7 in six categories with males and females receiving the same monetary amount.

Open Winners – Male and Female

1. Tim Russell                            1. Michelle Davis

2. Nick Webster                         2. Kim McBride

3. BenHeller                               3. Megan James

4. Justin Peabody                      4. Courtney Breiner

5. Pete Rowell                            5. Erin Hatton

6. Alex Pollinger                        6. Caitlyn Edmundson

7. Eric Young                             7. Melissa Hine

8. Aaron Lozier                         8. Amanda Carpenter

9. Adam Burn                            9. Pam Eistertz

10. Holden Maynard               10. Brina Seguine

Click here for results in all categories

All winners will be honored at the upcoming HMRRC Banquet on February 2 at the Desmond Hotel starting at 6 p.m.

Only active club members at the time of an event score points for that event. In total, $9,420 is awarded!

The Grand Prix prize structure for 2018 is as follows:

1st  $300, 2nd  $200, 3rd  $100, 4th  $75, 5th  $50, 6th  $35, 7th  $25

HMRRC events in the Grand Prix series include the following:

  • Hangover Half Marathon
  • Winter Series #5 10 miles
  • Runnin' of the Green
  • Delmar Dash (under 40)
  • Bill Robinson 10K (Masters)
  • Distinguished Service 8 Miles
  • Colonie Mile
  • Tawasentha XC #2
  • SEFCU 5K
  • Anniversary Run 5.9 Miles
  • MHR Marathon
  • Stockade-athon 15K

For each event, points are awarded by place.

Place      Points

1st        12

2nd       10

3rd        8

4th        7

5th        6

6th        5

7th        4

8th        3

9th        2

10th      1

Only six events are used to determine overall GP point totals. So, if a runner finishes first in four events (12 points for each first), second in three event (10 points for each second), and third (8 points in one event, his/her point total is 68 (with one of the second place finishes and the third place finish being dropped from the calculation).

Click here for COMPLETE Grand Prix Results

Past Winners of Grand Prix

Description and Rules


The HMRRC Grand Prix Series History

The Grand Prix series was the brainchild of John Aronson. He started it in 1982 with no age categories. It was simply a test of who was best overall. In the second year he added a master's category. In 1986 Jack Berkery took over the Grand Prix Series from John Aronson. In 1987 Jack added 10 year age groups. At first he considered 5 year age groups but after analyzing the data determined that the competition would not be keen enough to warrant same. He did not have 60+ age group for men or 50+ age groups for women for the same reason, not enough competition. In 1988 Jack added the 50+ age group for women realizing the competition had increased in that 10 year age group. The same reasoning added the 60+ men's division in 1990. In 1991 Jack Berkery stepped down, for health reasons, and Jim Burnes took over. Jim took care of the Grand Prix solo until 1994 when Joan Celentano joined Jim, handling the written commentary for the Grand Prix Update section of the Pacesetter. In January 1997 Jim Brunes stepped down and Jim Bowles took over the Grand Prix. Jim Bowles did not last long, resigning in November of 1997. Steve Dickerson rescued the Grand Prix and finished off 1997 for Jim Bowles. In 1999 Steve stepped down and Jim Moore took over the Grand Prix. In the year 2000 the aging population of the Hudson Mohawk necessitated adding the 70+ age group for men and the 60+ age group for women. In 2002 when 14 time Grand Prix winner Anny Stockman turned 70, we added a women's 70+ category. In 2004 Kimberly Miseno started her She of the Prix article in the Pacesetter adding some quality commentary to Jim Moore's data. Jim Moore retired at the end of 2014 and Brian Northan, with the assistance of Ed Hampston, took over the Grand Prix Duties, starting in January 2015.

The HMRRC Grand Prix has always used only HMRRC events in its Grand Prix Series. The Grand Prix has also always had a diversity of events and distances from the mile to the marathon.

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