by Ray Newkirk
The Stockade-athon, one of our major races and listed in the Wikipedia as one of the top 10 oldest 15K road races in the United States, was exciting as always. The two major winners were Sean O'Connor, a professional designer of jets, and Cara Sherman, a grad student at U Albany who also came in first at this year's Troy Turkey Trot. Get out your running shoes for next year's 45th anniversary run! For full article, click here

by Marcia Adams
This year the Winter Series (WS), which is FREE to members and basically the only consistent show in town for months for runners, is adding to WS#5, February 2, a tribute to the winners of the HMRRC Grand Prix. The always popular Hangover Half usually with 500 or more runners on January 1, gets the New Year off to a great start. After finishing the run, fresh soup is served and loaves of Bountiful Bread go to the winners in all age categories. If you can't run them, why not volunteer! For full article, click here

by Christine and Charles Bishop
Turkey Trots according to Runner’s World are the most popular races in America and the figures from our region definitely help to prove it. A total of 9,576 ran in the races described here. At the Troy Turkey Trot our Hall of Fame winner Pat Glover distinguished himself. For full article, click here

Fleet Feet of Albany and Malta has been a faithful supporter of running throughout the greater Albany region and helps the HMRRC immensely. Their gear is targeted toward runners and their staff is expert, as most are experienced runners including its owner, Charlie Woodruff. So, who better to ask what to get the runner in your life for Christmas! For full article, click here

by Bill Hoffman
Bill has run this 58 times, so this is a pro speaking. You could also ask his dog if you doubt Bill. He says he knows what you are thinking, that he is crazy, but Moreau is an often overlooked gem that you can enjoy throughout the winter and he tells you how. For full article, click here

by Meg Louden
In 2013 Meg and Jon Louden began their love for running marathons together at the MHR Marathon. They crossed the finish line holding hands with a time of 4:04. Since then they have travelled far and wide to run marathons together in pursuit of qualifying for Boston. They attacked their goal with persistence, hard work and courage … qualities that make great runners and they did it together! For full article, click here

by Dick Vincent, USATF Level 3 Certified Coach, I.A.A.F. Level 5 Certified Coach
Running in the winter can be problematic, but if you follow Coach Dick Vincent's advice, even down to making DIY screw shoes, you will find the experience exhilarating and want more. For full article, click here

by Mat Nark
"Choosing the correct marathon to match your goals is a top priority. Setting the correct expectation is essential to the process of enjoying and excelling at the distance. It can be tricky..." Coach Mat Nark For full article, click here

by Jim Gazzale
"Statistics show that most New Year resolutions are nothing more than a distant memory by February… at the latest." Sports fitness expert Jim Gazzale tells you how to make your weight loss program continue throughout the year. For full article, click here

By Karen Bertasso Hughes, Bill Hoffman, Tom O’Grady and Michelle Merlis
A book makes a marvelous gift for the holidays as it can be uplifting, helpful, read many times, and if nothing else decorate a coffee table or bookcase. Four prominent runners who are avid readers were asked to highlight books that changed their lives or made it better. For full article, click here

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD,CSSD
While you can choose a nutritionally well-balanced sports diet when eating on the run, you might want to pay attention to the amount of ultra-processed foods that sneak into your meals and snacks. They have a food matrix far different from natural foods, and they might have an impact on your weight and health. For full article, click here

Two of our columnists have written wonderful books that would make fantastic holiday gifts and if ordered online can be at your doorstep within a day. Nancy Clark’s book is her 6th edition of her Sports Nutrition Guidebook. It is a great reference book and an entertaining read. It is loaded with new topics from the 2013 Fifth edition. Russ Ebbets has published a book covering 30 years of his Off the Road column for the Pace Setter! A must read for those who are interested in local running history, training tips, and expert advice. For full article, click here

When wondering what to give someone, cookbooks are probably not at the top of most lists but they are incredible gifts. They can be referred to continually and help to make healthy dishes that will be loved by family and friends. As an aside, all of these are great gifts if you are in a pinch because both Amazon and Barnes and Noble will send these to your home in one day. For full article, click here

by Lisa Bodratti, PT, DPT
"Our staff has had the chance to treat many, many runners and expand our skill set and available treatment techniques to provide the best, most advanced approach to the physical rehabilitation of runners of all ages and skill levels." For full article, click here

Reviewed by Tom O’Grady
Again to Carthage is a stunning sequel to Once a Runner that "will have you ... pulling on your running shoes" (Chicago Sun-Times). Once a Runner became a cult classic, emerging as a New York Times bestseller for many years. Now, in Again to Carthage, hero Quenton Cassidy returns with a wallop. Tom O'Grady gives you the scoop. For full article, click here

by Anouk Booneman
Anouk Booneman adds another delicious recipe to her Healthy Plant Based Food column. The soup is easy to make, butternut squash is plentiful at this time of year, and it is very healthful. Anouk is a strong advocate of a good diet to foster health, promote exercise, and live longer. For full article, click here

by Sally Drake and Mark Mindel
The books highlighted this month and in the past months in Sally and Mark's column would all make great gifts for the holiday season. We thank Sally and Mark for recommending great books throughout 2019 and look forward to their picks in 2020. Thank you! For full article, click here

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