For The Record

by Christine Bishop

Christine Myers calls this "running like a girl"

Recently there have been some outstanding performances that must be noted

Christine Myers

She wrote an article for us in the March Pace Setter where she outlined her passion for running and said, “Success is a decision. There are 24 hours in a day - if you love something deeply enough, you will always find time for it.”

This past week at the American International's Yellow Jacket Invitational on April 6, in Springfield, Massachusetts, Christine finished the 10,000-meter run in the blazing time of 36:15:35 setting a Saint Rose College record by 13 seconds set in 1995. Her time also qualifies her provisionally for the Division II NCAA meet.  About it, Christine said, “365 days ago from today I ran my first 10k. Today, I qualified for NCAA nationals. It took me an entire year but I finally did it. Trust the process.”

Times Union - Myers sets St. Rose school mark in 10,000 by Bill Arsenalt.

Jim Sweeney

Jim Sweeney highlighted in this month’s Pace Setter ran the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run in North Carolina on April 6 and came in 2nd in spite of having stomach issues that almost derailed him during the final miles of the race.  However, he finished and did so in an astonishing time of 14:39:08. That computes to a pace of 8:47 for 100 miles!!  His win also landed him in the coveted Umstead 500 Club with five wins: a 1st place, 3-2nd places and a 3rd.

Congratulations, Jim on awards well earned!! 

Roberta Groner

Roberta is on the right

In the world of marathons Roberta Groner is a dark horse.   She has no professional endorsements, runs for no team and is a full time registered nurse.  Yet she has set unbelievable records.  She won the 2016 Mohawk-Hudson Marathon in 2:37:54.  In 2017, she came 2ndnd at the California International Marathon in 2:30:38.  Now in Rotterdam, New York, at the Marathon Rotterdam 2019 (IAAF Gold Label Road Race), Sunday, April 7, she placed fifth with a time of 2:29:06 with impressive negative splits - 1:15:00 / 1:14:06 and this is at age 41.  She is an inspiration to us all.  Congratulations, Roberta!!

Results: Marathon Rotterdam 2019

NYC Half runner is 40, and her chances of making the Olympics keep getting better

At Age 39, a Nurse and Mom of Three Has Huge Marathon Breakthrough

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