Recommended Reading for March

Running: A Love Story

By Jen A. Miller

Jen Miller, New York Times columnist on running, has fallen in and out of love, but no man has been there for her the way running has.

In Running: A Love Story, Jen tells the story of her lifelong relationship with running with wit, thoughtfulness, and brutal honesty. Jen first laces up her sneakers in high school, when, like many people, she sees running as a painful part of conditioning for other sports. But when she discovers early in her career as a journalist that it helps her clear her mind, focus her efforts, and achieve new goals, she becomes hooked for good

Jen, a middle-of-the-pack but tenacious runner, hones her skill while navigating relationships with men that, like a tricky marathon route, have their ups and downs, relying on running to keep her steady in the hard times. As Jen pushes herself toward ever-greater challenges, she finds that running helps her walk away from the wrong men and learn to love herself while revealing focus, discipline, and confidence she didn’t realize she had.

Relatable, inspiring, and brutally honest, Running: A Love Story, explores the many ways that distance running carves a path to inner peace and empowerment by charting one woman’s evolution in the sport.


Reader Reviews

"Running, A Love Story is a frank and sometimes gritty look inside Jen Miller's heart. She speaks for a lot of us as she reveals her self-doubts, and then finds the confidence to quiet them through running. How running does that to us is, like love, very simple yet totally mysterious. But here's the bottom line: It works for everyone."—Kathrine Switzer, Author of Marathon Woman, First Woman to Officially Run the Boston Marathon and Leader of the 261 Fearless Movement. Led the drive to get the women's marathon into the Olympic Games, Winner of the 1974 New York City Marathon

“If you’re that runner who can jump out of bed at 3AM and bang out ten miles at a 5 minute pace, you might not relate to this story, but for the other 95% of us who work our asses off to get to the starting line, I think you’ll relate to her story. Whether you’re training for a 5K or a marathon, we all have hurdles along the way both physically and personally and Jen Miller describes hers in way I think a lot of people can relate to. As I read about her disappointments, countered with challenging herself to increasingly tougher distances, I thought of George Sheehan’s quote, “If you don’t have a challenge, find one.”  Bill at Amazon

“A contemporary coming of age story that will speak to a generation of women, RUNNING: A LOVE STORY is the candid memoir of a young woman’s painful but triumphant search for her place in the world. Skillfully crafted and unsparingly honest, RUNNING is a courageous memoir written straight from the heart." — Amy Hill Hearth, New York Times and Washington Post Bestselling Author

*Book is available in paperback and on Kindle.

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