Upcoming Winter Olympics and Doping


Olympic Sport

Doping Punishment

John Stadtlander


Banned from participation

Ricardo Estremera

Ski Jumping/Speed Skating

Banned for 4 years

Todd Shatynski

Speed Skating Short Shirt

Lifetime ban

Brad Lewis

Speed Skating

8 year ban & return medal

Marey Bailey


Banned from participation

Anthony Giuliano


Revoke any medals won and a lifetime ban from competition.

Eric Macknight

Snowboarding & Alpine Skiing

Lifetime ban.  Simple as that.

Mark Mindel

Hockey & Speed Skating

The only way to clean up PED use in Olympics and in
sports in general is a death penalty: a non-revocable
lifetime ban.



Scott Mindel


Hockey without the pros in it, should be fun to watch!

At least an 8 year if not a lifetime ban

Mat Nark

Downhill Skiing

Should get one smaller penalty followed by a lifetime ban!

George Berg


If it is clear doping and no accidental supplement, they should be banned for life as well as their coach or manager.

Ed Neiles

XC Skiing

If you are an athlete from a third world country and your only way to escape is by using PEDs, it would be difficult for me to punish that person. Take away medals, yes. Suspend, no

Ray Newkirk

Hockey's my current favorite, although I have a perverse fascination with curling

IMO, there's doping and then there's doping. Penalties should fit the degree of the crime.

Dick Vincent

Sledding Competitions

2 year suspension for first time offenders, no questions asked. 2nd offense, BANNED.

Patrick Carroll


Athletes caught doping should be banned from any future major competitions, and required to pay back any prize or sponsorship money they may have won before doping.

Renee Tolan

Downhill Skiing

Lifetime bans for athlete and coaches; if the governing bodies won’t take the initiative to institute a zero tolerance policy than race organizations and directors need to ban dopers from being eligible to compete in their events.

Lisa D

Figure Skating

stripping the athlete of the medal he/she received and a ban from competing until they’ve demonstrated at least a year of sobriety. I’d also recommend mandatory rehab, but folks aren’t ready to be sober until they’re ready. So, no competing until they’ve accepted sobriety on their own and sustained it.

Charles Bishop

Hockey-I’m from Canada!

Barred for at least 2 years but would depend on circumstances.

Josh Merlis


My opinion is that when an athlete "goes pro" there should be some agreement by which if the athlete is ever found to be guilty of doping, he/she not only is immediately permanently banned from competing in the sport, but without any chance returning. In addition, this agreement should include a clause by which he/she is liable to return 100% of the winnings he/she has accumulated in the sport regardless of how long one has been a competitor and how recent the conviction occurred. The money should then be disbursed in some fashion to those who competed against him/her and ultimately lost out on prize money/sponsorships,etc. that were place/performance-based.

If someone can't afford to pay this back to the governing agency that will oversee all this, well, I'm not sure what the punishment should be at that point. But it needs to be severe. Too many athletes feel that they don't even care if they are ultimately caught because the financial pay-off, even from just one year of amazing performances, is life changing. Penalties need to be more severe to truly make someone "think twice".

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