Troy Turkey Trot 2018 – 71st Run

There are a slew of races on Thanksgiving that people can flock to, but the most popular one is the Troy Turkey Trot. The Trot has a long history that has earned it records.

Now in its 71st year, the Troy Turkey Trot is the nation’s 12th and world’s 64th oldest road race, as well as the 11thlargest Turkey Trot in the nation. The event, which draws as many as 8,000 participants from 37 states and four countries and features a 5K, 10K, Grade School Mile and Turkey Walk, is designed to celebrate fitness, families and tradition against a backdrop of some of Troy’s most historic neighborhoods, as well as raise funds for the Regional Food Bank of NENY and Joseph’s House and Shelter. For more information, visit

The 5k features a costume contest where the top three winners respectively in two categories: Best Thanksgiving Day Contest and Most Unique costume, receive $100, $50 and $25 gift cards from Hannaford.

We canvassed some HMRRC members about why they run the race and how the extremely cold weather affected them.

Anthony with #1 Bib

Anthony Giuliano

I chose to run the Troy Turkey Trot for a few different reasons. It has so much history and is one of the oldest races in the country. I also had to go back to defend my title from last year’s win in the 10K.
The cold affected everyone that morning, we all raced in the same conditions so it was a level playing field. It is not my favorite weather and it definitely sucked away some of my motivation and also took my attention away from the race itself in the days preceding with everyone asking me if I was going to still run and run with no shirt? I opted for the shirt this year, finished 6th. But I am glad I had my moment there last year and it played out perfectly right down to one of my favorite songs playing as I finished, Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones.

Alyssa on far right front, all bundled up

Alyssa Hall Risko

Last year was my first time running the Troy Turkey Trot and I really enjoyed the event! This year a great group of my running friends decided to do it even with the forecasted cold forecast! When I saw the wind potential I was a bit nervous, but luckily the wind was ok and we had a great time! (Look in January for an article about her experience here with her running friends!!)

Eric on left with friend Steve Huneau on right

Eric Young

I've done Troy Turkey Trot a lot of times. I'm familiar with the course and weather wise dressing up was difficult because I don't like to wear too many layers while I race because I get overheated when I run. So I had had to wear tights, compression long sleeves, a mask to protect my face with hats and gloves, and I am not used to that!

Brad Lewis

Yes, my legs were not warmed up: they were numb. My first 3 miles were 20 seconds a mile slower than my last 3 miles. It took a lot more time to get warm. Also, the race directors started the race 5 minutes late. So it was 5 minutes of standing and waiting in the cold!

Mike and Allison Konderwich

My wife and I run the Troy Turkey Trot every year so it was the easy decision. It is a great way to start the holiday with our friends and local running community. It was definitely cold so early on the decision was made to bundle up and run easy!

Jon Golden

It has been my tradition to run the 10k each year. It is pretty much the only 10k I run each year. It is a great course and draws a good crowd. The cold temps impacted my lungs at the end, but it didn’t impact me during the run.

Owen Strong

The Troy Turkey Trot is a Capital District Classic. My mother and I both decided to run in it prior to leaving the area to be with family later in the day. The worst part of the cold was getting out of bed in the morning knowing it would be freezing. The first mile with the out and back on the bridge was rough but once I settled on a pace and got my rhythm the warmth returned back to my face. It was overall a fun morning and both my Mother and I were glad we did it.

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