Christmas Gifts for the Runners in Your Life

by Christine Bishop

I visited Amanda Perri, Marketing Director at Fleet Feet, and she took me on a whirlwind tour of the store highlighting great gifts for runners that they might not treat themselves to, but make great presents. You can take the tour with us now and see what you could put under the tree.

Janji colorful hoodie and running tights. Five percent of all sales go to fund water clean water projects in countries that inspire their clothing.

Sugoi clothing is designed for very cold weather. If you shine your phone flash on it, you can see how reflective it is. The iphone icon indicates that the garment is reflective. Also, strips or logos on back of jackets are reflective, so that if a car comes from behind when you are running, they will see the reflective markings.

The Sugoi jacket is a staple of winter clothing. Lightweight, great lining, lots of pockets, reflective on back and hood.

The front panel of this Saucony jacket is to block the wind. Arms are tighter to act as a base layer. A lot of people overheat when they run in the winter and this prevents that. You may wear another layer underneath but more are not needed making you more aerodynamic for running. Note reflective dots on back.

North Face jackets and tights are always a little heavier to provide great warmth. Breast pad on front of jacket is to repel wind. Also used for skiing. Underarms are more breathable to compensate for overheating.

Saucony bullet pants. Crop comes right above the ankle, nice and breathable, side pockets to hold phone and keys. Form fitting and wildly comfortable.

Wild New Balance tights to run in and brighten up dreary winter days. Come with a pocket for goodies.

Oiselle jackets and tights are “running off the rack.” They are made for women only and therefore fit women perfectly, feel great on, and are very reflective.

The Mizuno tights are reversible. You can choose the color to match your mood.

Lightweight, almost like a windbreaker. Designed to be ultra reflective. On days in 30s and 40s fine to wear and also great to wear for those who get really hot when running.

Can never go wrong with gloves designed for winter running.

Necessities for those who run at night: Amphipod vest with light strips and headlamps.

Great stocking stuffer because has small but ultra bright strobe light you can attach to clothing to make you very prominent in an oh so dark night.

Obviously, Fleet Feet is rich in running shoes.

But during the winter when running on snow, ice and slush, trail shoes are really great and they have ones particularly designed for these conditions.

Last in our gift list are Blue Tooth headphones that use bone conduction to carry sound to our ear enabling you to hear the music and ambient noise in the environment. That’s a big safety feature and a requirement for some athletic events. After using these, you will no longer want earbuds. The AfterShokz are the Rolls Royce of this technology.

Fleet Feet holiday bingo. Come in and get a card. They keep them in the store. Every time you purchase an item, you get a check. Once you get Bingo, you earn a $25 reward.

On Fleet Feet’s social pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter there is a December calendar with shopping tips for each day and many with gifts attached to them. If you are shopping during the last week of Christmas, you will receive a $5 gift card with your purchase. 


And remember, there are always gift cards!

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