Dynamic Duo – A Great Race for Family & Friends

by Christine Bishop

The night before the 40th running of the Dynamic Duo race, there was torrential rain, lightning, thunder and flooding with cars floating on streets in parts of Albany, but did that deter runners from coming to the August 4 Dynamic Duo race? Not on your life.  The attitude was that it was fun to run in the rain. Fortunately, the rain held off, and only sweat made runners wet.

The format of the race is unique.  A team is composed of male and female duos. The women’s race starts first on a 5K route and when one finishes their male partner then takes off on the same route. While waiting for their partners to return the women can swim in the pool at Colonie Town Park. The teams are categorized by the cumulative age of the two runners. So 83 year-old Wade Stockman and his 32 year old granddaughter (picture below) are in the 109-117 category, which they won! Anny Stockman, Wade’s wife, came in second in her category running with her granddaughter’s husband. Anne has done this race for an amazing 36 consecutive years! There are cash prizes but one must wait until the end of the race to receive them. The race director is Frank Meyers. More pictures from the race will be put online next week. If you click on the link below the banner picture from the Indian Ladder Trail Run picture, you will find them and for the results of the Dynamic Duo Race click here!!!.

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