Yoga for Runners

Sometimes the reasons that things happen are much bigger than we realize at the time…

Karli Taylor found yoga about 10 years ago when years of distance running and Spinning left her with chronic knee and hip pain. Having a background in corrective exercise, she knew that she needed to stretch the muscles that were being over-trained daily, but she felt like stretching was a waste of precious training time.

Thanks to some powerful vinyasa classes at various local studios, Karli began to appreciate the physical practice of yoga and eventually decided to pursue her 200 Hour RYT with Pure Warrior Yoga School. She has also completed her trauma sensitive teacher training with The Prisoner Yoga Project and has developed a nationally recognized Vinyasa style barre program called BarreFlow.

Karli is passionate about creating a space where yoga can be safe, effective and fun for all bodies and all levels. Her yoga for runners is a comprehensive program designed to strengthen the muscles that are underutilized by the mechanics of running and stretch the ones that are over-trained. It is this combination of stretching and strengthening that will help any level of runner push harder, run longer and live with fewer aches and pains!

Stay tuned for learning yoga especially designed for runners by Karli!

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