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Despite Leg Amputation, Glover Vows to Run Again by Mike McAdams

He forges ahead after losing limb due to a life-threatening illness this spring.

Beer mile supports local runner after amputation

Club wanted to give back to Pat Glover for his years of support

Shalane Flanagan and the Triumph of American Women in Running

The race that no one could take away from Shalane Flanagan
Shannon became the first American woman to win the NYC Marathon in forty years!
Shalane Flanagan Solves N.Y.C. Marathon for American Women
The simple thought crossed Shalane Flanagan’s mind as she raced alone through Central Park: Just keep it together, keep it together

No Russian Anthem at Olympics? I.O.C. Weighing Possible Penalties

With less than 100 days to go before the Games begin in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Olympic officials are under intense pressure to announce their decision on how Russia will be punished for corrupting several Olympics — most notably the 2014 Sochi Games — with an elaborate, state-supported doping scheme.

8 Wonders of the World Marathon Majors, Including the NYC Marathon

The top male and female marathon runners at the end of each cycle receive an equal share of U.S. $1 Million.

Abbott WMM Expands Prize Structure, Introduces Charity Program

In Meb’s Final Marathon, Exhaustion and Emotion

An extraordinary career comes to a close with an 11th-place finish—and a scary moment.

Texas Man Celebrates 100th Birthday, Says Running Is the Key
Who could argue!!

America’s Next Great Marathoner? Triathlon Champ Gwen Jorgensen Going for Gold

Jorgensen pulled away from the field over the course of the 10K run

Her 34:09 split was the fastest of any athlete in the field.

The Running Bubble Has Popped. (You Couldn’t Hear It in New York.)

Road races have hit the wall. The number of finishers in events in the United States has fallen from a peak of about 19 million in 2013 to just over 17 million in 2016.

Running Through the Heart of Navajo by Michael Powell

“I want to do what Navajos love and that is to run,” Delta Higdon.

The Canyon de Chelly a trail race in Arizona “We yell clear our passageways and let the creator hear our prayers,” said Shau Martin founder of the 34 mile run through incredibly difficult terrain.

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