Yes, that’s right! It was September 26, 1971 that 13 men and 2 women toed the line on the University at Albany Campus (then known as SUNY Albany) for the inaugural Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club race. It was two loops of the campus around the perimeter road, making it an odd distance of 5.64 miles. Following that first race, many other HMRRC events emerged at all distances, but it became an annual tradition to celebrate the club’s beginning each September with the event known as the HMRRC Anniversary Race. (continued)

One hundred sixty-nine dollars for the economy ticket to Tough Mudder Boston or … $25 for Indian Ladder 15K in conveniently located Thatcher State Park? Let’s see … is there even a contest here? (continued)

Hi folks, Coach Mike here, and this month I will be outlining several different training programs for beginners, intermediates, advanced and elite runners. However, I would like to begin by talking about the many changes that have taken place over the years, which have had major effects on the running and fitness worlds. (continued)

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