HMRRC Elections

Under the club's recently enacted bylaws, an Election Committee is to nominate a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors by June 30. The Election Committee, chaired by Dana Peterson, is presenting the following slate: President -- Ray Newkirk; Executive Vice President -- Frank Broderick; Vice President for Finance -- Chris Nowak; Vice President for Running Events -- Jon Rocco; Treasurer -- Jon Golden; Secretary -- Marcia Adams; Treasurer for Running Events -- Cathy Sliwinsky; Member at Large (one-year) -- Ed Neiles; Member at Large (two-year) -- Maureen Cox.

Candidates for any office may also be nominated by petition signed by 30 club members in good standing. Petitions should be submitted to Dana ( by June 30.

Voting for board members will take place at the September membership meeting (September 14).

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