Dangers of Running Alone

by Mike Naylor

Another friend of mine was out running by herself when a van went by her and pulled into a driveway. She thought nothing of it, but as she approached the driveway with the van parked in it, someone hopped out and tried to grab her. She got away. And for months we looked for that van to see if we could find it. We didn’t. This incident was done in the middle of the day out by HVCC.

The reason I am writing about this topic is because I have been noticing more people wearing headphones and ear plugs running late at night, alone, and seemingly unaware of their surroundings. This type of behavior truly makes me nervous and I don’t want anything to happen to any or you. So, I have come up with some simple safety tips.

Please try to follow these safety tips: Tell someone when you are leaving for a run, and let them know when you expect to be back. Carry your cell phone, which should have a flash light application. Also, purchase a whistle, preferably one that basketball officials use. You can buy them in a sporting goods store. Stay away from areas that are isolated and dark, and do what you can to run when it is light out. In addition, if you see or hear something suspicious, be sure to report it to the police immediately. Don’t wait till you get home.

Finally, the best safety precaution you can have is to run with one or more other runners.

Please be safe and use your noggin and common sense when doing any activity outdoors, especially during the summer months.

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