Winter Series 2015-16 Awards

Thanks to all of this year's participants, not only for running, but also for volunteering in the Winter Series. We couldn't do it without you!

Tom Adams

Marcia Adams

Marey Bailey

Joanne Barlow

Kathryn Botting

Melanie Capron

Michael Conroy

Pete Cowie

Dave Cole

Donna Choiniere

Maureen Cox

Lisa D’Aniello

Chuck Decitise

Karen Dott

Art Dott

Jim Fiore

David Gilson

Jonathan Golden

Diane Fisher-Golden

Ed Hampston

AnnMarie Hess

Lee Hilt

Anne Hurley

Denis Hurley

Karen Koskowski

Kim Law

Mike Lee

Ray Lee

Brenda Lennon

Dan Lennon

Clay Lodovice

Patrick Lynskey

Jill Mehan

Meghan Mortenson

Ginny Mosher-Sweeney

Josh Merlis

Ed Neiles

John Parisella

Martin Patrick

Dana Peterson

Sherri Pignetti

Arlene Reyell

Jon Rocco

Larry Salvagni

Ronnie Senez

Will Smith

Kathy Van Valen

Bart Trudeau

Vince Wenger

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