CDPHP Workforce Challenge Team T-Shirts

Article and pictures by Christine Bishop

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This year a record number of 522 corporate teams signed up with the race, which is capped at 10,000 runners. CDPHP (Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan) proudly sponsors the event each year, as part of its emphasis on wellness. In addition, two charities are highlighted. This year they were the Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany and Vanderheyden. If you wish to contribute to them, go to CDPHD Workforce Team Challenge website for further information.

Viewing the new t-shirt designs each year adds excitement to the race. There was an official competition for them with six categories: most creative, most motivational, most colorful, most humorous, most corporate, and best use of the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge logo or name. All of the entrants’ t-shirts were on display circling the grandstand with the prize winning t-shirts decorated with either a blue ribbon for first place or a red one for second place.

Think of joining a team next year to participate in this great Capital District event. The camaraderie will be exhilarating and the health effects beneficial. Happy running!

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