Please direct your call or email to the appropriate source. For general membership questions, please contact Ray Newkirk by clicking here.

President Ray Newkirk 518-438-8807 E-Mail
Vice-President Frank Broderick   E-Mail
Vice President for Finance Nick Webster   E-Mail
Secretary Marcia Adams   E-Mail
Treasurer Jonathan Golden   E-Mail
Race Committee Treasurer Cathy Sliwinski   E-Mail
At-Large Board Member Jessica Northan   E-Mail
At-Large Board Member Maureen Cox   E-Mail
Membership Committee Dee Fisher-Golden   E-Mail
Race Committee Jon Rocco 518-862-9279 E-Mail
Club Apparel Rhonda Smith   E-Mail
Public Relations Robert Moore 518-903-4993 E-Mail
Hall of Fame Committee Barb Light   E-Mail
Annual Scholarship Committee Frank Broderick   E-Mail
Digital Clock & Timer Tom Adams 518-356-2551 E-Mail
Pace Setter Advertising Cyndy Allen   E-Mail
Pace Setter Managing Editor Chris Bishop   E-Mail
Grand Prix Brian Northan 518-269-0796 E-Mail
Volunteer Coordinator Marcia Adams 518-356-2551 E-Mail
Web Page Ed Neiles 518-482-9032 E-Mail
Grant Committee Frank Broderick   E-Mail

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