Chase Corporate Challenge

May 22, 1997

Women's Team Results

2Siena College71:52
3South Colonie Schools (A) 72:23
4Albany Medical Center 73:32
5Steuben Athletic Club 76:12
6Mercy Care Corp. (A) 76:48
7Northeast Health (A) 78:03
8Sage Colleges78:31
9NYS Dept. Correctional Svcs. (A) 79:34
10NYSDEC (A)80:28
12General Electric (A) 81:40
13Dept. of Health (D) 82:59
14Bethlehem Elementary 83:32
15Wildwood Programs 83:09
16RE/MAX Property Professionals (A) 84:50
17North Colonie Schools 85:10
18NYS Comptroller (A) 85:40
19Mohonasen Central School District (A) 86:24
20South Colonie Schools (B) 86:15
21The Ayco Company, LP 86:12
22GE Plastics86:19
23Albany County Probation Dept. (A) 87:35
24Key Corp (A)87:40
25Northeast Health (A) 88:09
26NYS Parks, Rec. & Historic Pres. (A) 88:12
27Dormitory Authority of NY 88:06
28NYS Division of Parole (A) 88:17
29Mercy Care Corp. (B) 88:30
30Albany Medical Center 88:39
31Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (A) 89:23
32Conway LaVelle & Finn LLP 89:35
33Northeast Health (J) 90:34
35NYSDEC (B)91:40
36Northeast Health (D) 91:55
37KPMG Peat Marwick LLP 91:16
38Ellis Hospital 92:06
40East Greenbush Central Schools 92:16
41Evergreen Bank 92:26
42Maynard, O'Connor & Smith 92:29
43Lockheed-Martin, KAPL Inc. (A) 92:53
45Physical Therapy Consulting 93:26
46Child's Hospital 93:57
47Reuben H. Donnelley 94:29
48Mental Hygiene Legal Service (A) 94:33
49Glens Falls Public Schools 94:42
50Lansingburgh Schools (A) 94:68
51General Electric (B) 95:11
52NYS Dept. Correctional Svc. (B) 96:02
53Unity House of Troy Inc. (A) 96:16
54Albany Dialysis Center 96:21
55Map Info Corp. 96:38
56Albany Cty. Probation Dept. (B) 96:46
57NYS Assembly Education Committee 97:18
58NYNEX (B)96:52
59NYS Commission for the Blind 97:52
60Dept. of Health (E) 97:53
61Capital Region BOCES (Vo-Tech) 98:02
62NYS Dept. of Labor 98:38
63Fleet Bank (D) 99:07
64NYS Dept. of Public Svc. (A) 99:25
65Key Corp (B)99:26
66WNYT TV99:51
67Ellis Hospital 99:57
68Carenet Medical Group 100:47
69Dormitory Authority of NY 100:42
70Galway Central School 100:58
71The Rensselaerville Institute 100:71
72Court Club100:97
73Dept. of Health 101:13
74Paine Webber101:32
75Northeast Health (F) 101:37
76Hudson Valley Community College 101:41
77Metlife (RISC) 102:04
78Siena College 102:25
79CHP 1 Kaiser Permanente 102:53
80NYS Insurance Dept. (B) 103:10
81Amsterdam High School 103:23
82Newkirk (B)103:47
83Times Union (A) 103:55
84Berne-Knox-Westerlo 104:23
85NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance (A) 104:27
86Albany Co. Assoc. for Retarded Citizens104:32
87Stiefel Laboratories, Inc. (A) 103:17
88Unity House of Troy Inc. (B) 104:35
89NYS Science & Tech ESD 104:45
90Rockefeller College 104:46
91NYS Comptroller (B) 104:55
92Div. of Military & Naval Affairs (A) 105:50
93NYS Parks, Rec. & Historic Pres. (B) 105:58
94Conifer Park (B) 106:00
95Div. of Military and Naval Affairs (B) 106:18
96Hudson Valley Paper Co. 106:40
97NYS Assembly107:05
98NYS OASAS107:37
99CPC Baking Freihofers 109:00
100Delmar Publishers (A)109:56
101Northeast Health (G)111:01
102General Electric (D)111:22
103First Albany Corp. (A)112:26
104Harris, Beach & Wilcox112:52
105Lansingburgh Schools (B) 112:59
106Unity House of Troy Inc. (C) 113:18
107Evergreen Bank114:44
109Value Behavioral Health (D) 116:15
110Unity House of Troy Inc. (D) 117:35
111Schalmont Central119:46
112Schenectady DDS (A)126:00
113Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group 120:21
114Latham Medical Group123:04
115Ellis Hospital123:21
116Latham Medical Group129:20
117General Electric (C)127:23
118Regents College130:21
119Unity House of Troy Inc (E) 132:49
120Questar III133:45
121Schalmont Central135:30
122Schalmont Central135:48
123Signature Publishers Inc. 136:43
124Delmar Publishers140:15
125Northeast Health (H)140:18
126RPI (B)143:08
127Child's Hospital143:08
128NYS Dept. of Public Service (C) 144:25
129NYS Dept. of Public Service (E) 146:27
130Bethlehem HS147:47
131Stiefel Laboratories, Inc. (B) 149:41
132AIG Claim Services (A)151:28
133Delmar Publishers (C)153:44
134NYS Dept. of Public Service (B) 156:57
135EBICS - EBT157:50
136Albany Assoc. in Cardiology 158:23
137NYS Dept. of Public Service (D) 159:00
138Regents College164:04
139Adirondack Trust Co.165:21
140NYS Insurance Dept. (A)165:48
141Value Behavioral Health (I) 168:02
142Delmar Publishers (D)172:30
143AIG Claim Services (B)175:43
144Christopher J. Maestro179:01
145NYS Parole190:20

Top 5 Women's Teams

1. RPI (A) 71:25 -- Daniele Cherniak, Cindy Novak & Ginny Moore

2. Siena College 71:52 -- Gina Castelli, Nancy Doran & Andrea Woodbury

3. South Colonie Schools (A) 72:23 -- Sherri Freeman Long, Michelle Alcombright & Suzanne Morand

4. Albany Medical Center 73:32 -- Chris Varley, Patricia Rapoli & Emily Etzkorn

5. Steuben Athletic Club 76:12 -- Maureen Kuhn, Sara Mitchell, Kristee Kennedy-Cuola

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