Chase Corporate Challenge

May 22, 1997

Men's Team Results

1General Electric (A) 91:35
2NYS Dept. of Social Services 98:04
3IBM (B)99:35
4Albany College of Pharmacy 103:13
5General Electric (B) 106:57
6NYS Comptroller (A) 107:09
7USN Nuclear Power (A) 107:16
8The Ayco Company, LP (A) 107:25
9Dept. of Health (B) 107:40
10Key Corp (A)107:58
11Dormitory Authority of NY 109:40
12GE Plastics110:56
13Div. of Military & Naval Affairs (A) 111:15
14Trustco Bank111:42
15NYS Dept. of Labor 112:19
16NYSDOT MO (A) 112:45
17NYSDEC (A)113:13
18Albank, FSB (A) 113:18
19United Parcel Service (A) 113:28
20Lockheed-Martin, KAPL Inc. (A) 113:50
21St. Clare's Hospital (A) 113:57
22US Postal Service (A) 113:57
23Conrail (A)115:20
24NYS Division of Budget 116:41
25Lucent Technologies 117:14
26Ellis Hospital 117:43
27Transworld Entertainment (A) 118:11
28NYSDOT - Region 1 (A) 118:19
29Westinghouse MAO (A) 118:23
30General Electric (C) 118:32
31Albany Cty. Dept. of Social Services 118:54
32Mercy Care Corp. (A) 119:09
33Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (A) 119:20
34Rockefeller College 119:37
35First Albany Corp. (A) 119:43
36North Colonie Schools (A) 120:12
37NYS Comptroller (B) 121:26
38Naval Reserve Center - Albany (B) 121:39
39Div. of Military & Naval Affairs (B) 121:49
40NYS Parole (A) 122:15
41General Electric (D) 122:23
42NYSDEC (B)122:39
43Alltel Information Services 122:46
44Gazette Newspapers (A) 122:51
44Dept. of Health (C) 123:07
45NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance (A) 123:29
47The Ayco Company, LP (B) 125:38
48Bouck, Holloway, Kiernan & Casey 123:50
49Warren Tire124:00
50NYS Teacher's Retirement System 124:08
51FPI Mechanical/Electrical (A) 124:28
52CPC Baking Freihofers (B) 124:39
53Hudson Valley Community College 124:41
54Schenectady International 124:45
55Lydall Manning (A) 124:57
56Northeast Health (B) 124:59
57Siena College 125:20
58Niagara Mohawk 125:27
59LaSalle School (A) 125:27
60General Electric (E) 126:11
61BASF (A)126:14
62Metlife (RISC) 126:34
63NYS Dept. Corr. Services (A) 126:51
64Lockheed-Martin, KAPL Inc. (B) 126:54
65Fenimore Asset Management 127:22
66Maynard, O'Connor & Smith 127:14
67Rensselaer County 127:17
68NYS Commission for the Blind 127:46
69Barry, Bette & Led Duke (A) 127:48
70DeSormeau Vending Corp. (A) 128:33
71NYS Science Tech ESD 128;35
72NYNEX (A)128:46
73NYS Thruway Authority 128:50
74Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group (A) 129:05
75Lab Vantage Solutions 129:14
76Delmar Publishers (A) 129:25
77Lockheed-Martin, KAPL Inc. (C) 129:36
78Warren County 129:38
79Albany Molecular Research 129:50
80Dreyer Boyajian 130:29
81Evergreen Bank 130:34
82Grand Blvd. Fire Co. 130:42
83Dormitory Authority of NY 130:57
84Newkirk (A)130:59
85General Electric (F) 131:11
86Clough Harbour & Assoc. 131:27
87Einhorn Yaffee Prescott 131:45
88NYS Insurance Dept. (B) 131:82
89NYS OASAS132:43
90KPMG Peat Marwick LLP 132:21
91Pioneer Savings 132:25
92Albank, FSB (B) 132:27
93NYSDOT - Region 1 (B) 132:37
94The State Insurance Fund 132:43
95Legislative Corr. Assoc. (LCA) 132:44
96Times Union (A) 132:57
97Prudential Insurance 133:01
98NYS Comptroller (C) 133:05
99NYS Assembly (A) 133:16
100Dataware Tech (A)133:22
101Key Corp (B)133:36
102Amsterdam High School (B) 133:45
103NYS Office of Real Property Svcs. 133:57
104Amtrak (A)134:08
105Unity House of Troy Inc. (A) 134:09
106Price Chopper134:13
107Albany International134:26
108Saratoga National Bank134:51
109Schenectady Bar Assoc.134:53
110Burnt Hills/Ballston Lake School Dist. 134:55
111Div. of Military & Naval Affairs (C) 134:55
112NYSDEC (C)135:19
113NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance (B) 135:31
114Greene Correctional135:43
115Matthew Bender & Co.135:44
116Tenneco Packaging - AVI135:46
117Albany Fire Dept.136:23
118South Colonie Schools (A) 136:17
119Westinghouse MAO (B)137:19
120Conrail (B)137:40
121CPC Baking Freihofers (A) 137:48
122Adirondack Mfg. Corp.138:01
123NYS Parks, Rec. & Historic Pres. 138:03
124NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles 138:20
125Lockheed-Martin, KAPL Inc (D) 138:35
126NYS Dept. of Public Service (A) 138:27
127Citizens Communications (A) 139:16
128Finserv Health Care134:16
129NYSDEC - Region 4139:21
130NYS Comptroller (D)139:32
131US Postal Service (B)139:26
132General Electric (G)139:49
133Schenectady County Community College 140:07
134Rust Environment & Infrastructure 140:30
135NYS Div. of Tax Appeals141:04
136Novalis Corporation (A)141:24
137The Ayco Company, LP (C) 141:37
138Skidmore College143:38
139Gazette Newspapers (B)141:49
140Galway Central School142:07
141CL Marvin & Co.143:26
142Mental HygieneLegal Service (B) 143:31
143NYS United Teachers146:03
144General Electric (H)144:28
145Albany County Probation Dept. 144:34
146Div. of Military & Naval Affairs (D) 144:58
147NYSDOT MO (B)145:01
148Physical Therapy Consulting 145:20
149Div. of Military & Naval Affairs (E) 145:34
150Naval Reserve Center - Albany (A) 147:09
151NYSDOT - Region 1 (C)147:11
152NYS Dept. of Public Service (B) 147:25
153Dormitory Authority of NY 147:27
154NYS Comptroller (E)147:46
155General Accident148:35
156Unity House of Troy, Inc. (B) 148:39
157Creighton Manning, Inc.148:43
158Chase Manhattan Bank149:23
159The Law Offc. of Richard Zannleuter 149:40
160Carter Coboy150:25
161Ellis Hospital151:05
162Spruce Computers150:34
163Fleet Bank (B)151:51
164Stiefel Laboratories, Inc. 152:04
165Latham Medical Group152:48
166General Electric (J)150:26
167Albank, FSB (C)153:27
168Times Union (C)153:35
169Amtrak (B)154:06
170Times Union (B)154:50
172Albany Steel155:09
174NYS Commission for the Blind 156:27
175VA Medical Center (A)155:41
176Dean Witter (B)156:04
177Albany Dialysis Cnter156:37
178Woodka, Hannah & Co., P.C. 157:55
179NYS Insurance Dept. (A)158:09
180Div. of Military & Naval Affairs (F) 158:36
181Goldstein Auto Group158:49
182Siena College159:25
183Key Corp (C)160:16
184Lydell Manning (B)161:20
185Northeast Health (E)162:49
186General Electric (K)163:03
187Keane, Inc.165:11
188NYS Dept. of Public Service (C) 165:50
189NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance (C) 167:55
191Hinman, Straub, Pigors & Manning 171:20
192Niskayuna Fire Dist. #1171:21
193Ellis Hospital174:22
194Conrail (C)177:21
195NYS Parole (B)178:25
196Desormeau Vending (B)179:19
197Evergreen Bank179:48
198Child's Hospital185:28
199Schenectady High188:47
200Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group (B) 189:19
201Dataware Tech. (B)198:56
202Delmar Publishers (B)199:04
203Novalis Corporation (B)204:43
204Ikon Office Solutions205:10
205NYS Dept. of Public Service (D) 206:46

Top 5 Men's Teams

1. General Electric (A) 91:35 -- Norbert Berenyi, Peter Kirk, Mike Gross, Tom Piazza & Mark McKenzie

2. NYS Dept. of Social Services 98:04 -- Dale Keenan, Pat Allen, Dan Cantwell, John Haley & Jack Nabozny

3. IBM (A) 99:35 -- Tim Ensign, Wayne McDaniel, Ken Rodbell, Pat Devanen & Peter San Filipo

4. Albany College of Pharmacy 103:13 -- Tom Dalton, George Bailie, Joe McDonald, Bob Keenan & Mike Kane

5. General Electric (B) 106:57 -- Shaun Cook, Mike Stalker, Ian McIntyre, Rich Desharnais & Joe Cargioli

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