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May 2019

Special Coverage
Boston Marathon Area Runners and the Helderberg Half

Boston Marathon Area Runners Results

In the Greater Albany Area, we congratulate Tom O'Grady for coming in first. There were also great performances by others that you can read about. The Daily Gazette had an extensive list of area results as did the Times Union that you can pore over for fun. Enjoy!
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Boston Marathon 2019 Questions & Answers

by Tom O'Grady (Interviewed by Chris Bishop)
Tom describes his experience at Boston 2019 through answering questions. His responses will entertain and enlighten you. It is amusing that he had no idea he had come in first in the area until his friends told him and he read it in the Times Union newspaper.
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You Don't Have to Run Boston to Enjoy It

by Patrick Culligan, Scott Mindel, Kristen Garzone and Neil Sergott
Patrick Culligan injured himself running in 2018 and could not run Boston but was there is spirit watching it with other Boston alumni. Scott Mindel, who came in 30th overall last year at Boston, watched it from the sidelines with his family. Kristen Mellan came to cheer on a friend and Neil Sergott went as a volunteer. They all loved the energy and excitement of an iconic marathon.
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Right on Hereford, Left on Boylston: Boston Memories 2019

by Kim Milton, Lauren Carnahan, Meg Louden, Joseph Sullivan, Karen Dolge, Michelle Davis, Bruce Lee, Dave Dunham and David Troischt
Share the wonderful memories of these Boston warriors that are guaranteed to make you want to BQ, spectate or volunteer to help.
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Boston High Five

by Marna Meltzer McMorris
A picture is not worth a thousand words. This final “high five” as I made my way down Boylston represents so much more. The simple explanation is that I ran the Boston Marathon to raise funds and awareness for Autism...
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Weathering the Boston Marathon

by Diane Harris
"Perhaps it’s more difficult to fall short of your goal at Boston because everyone you know, who celebrated your qualifying time and supported you through your training, is not only rooting for you but tracking you – live – as you succeed or fail."
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Why Boston Matters

by Martha Degrazia
From 1994 on, Willow Street athletic member Martha Degrazia, has run over 80 marathons around the world and finds Boston to be the best. Read her article to find out why she celebrates the Boston Marathon as being the top in its class.
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Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon: Race Data and Reviews

by HMRRC members
Read the results broken down by categories and the reactions of runners who experienced the course for the first time. The comments were all favorable. Congratulations, Josh Merlis.
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When Second Place Feels Like Winning!

by Jessica Bashaw
"When does second place feel like winning? When you are running behind Olympic Trials qualifier Karen Bertasso." Jessica hadn't trained as much as she thought she should, so when she realized that she was behind Karen, she knew she had a fighting chance.
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The Helderberg to Hudson Half: a Fun Run

by Danielle Kollarus-Maslowsky
It was a last minute decision to sign up for the Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon. "Read what happens to Danielle at the race and the winning goals she shares with us to make competing more enjoyable.
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At Long Last ... May!

by Matt McGowen
Matt spent his early life running on gorgeous trails in Oregon and then in college on paths winding through spectacular gorges and by remarkable waterfalls. He now runs in Albany and implores us to write him with some tips on how to expand and improve his repertoire of runs.
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Tales from the Trail – Sharing the Joy of Trail Running

by Bill Hoffman
In this month's installment of Tales from the Trail, read how Bill and his Iron Man neighbor hit the trails together to run the Breakneck Point Trail Half Marathon and next day to run the Moreau Lake 15k course. His neighbor was hooked.
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Women in Running: By the Numbers

by Michelle Merlis
We've come a long way, baby or have we? Michelle Merlis states, "... an overall growth and growth of female participation is also emerging in trail and ultrarunning, however, in each, women’s participation is yet to reach 50%." .
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Measuring for Certification

by Jim Gilmer
The first two articles in this three-part series on road race course certification dealt with the underlying rationale and fundamental principles of certifying courses. This final article discusses the method and process for conducting a certification measurement of a road course — as well as a calibration course, which is the prerequisite of road course measurement.
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TJ and Me

by Mike Langevin
Mike and TJ met through a mutual friend who knew Mike was an ardent runner who was a sign language interpreter and TJ Sherwin an avid sportsman who was deaf and wanted someone to accompany him in races. There is more to this heartwarming story as you shall find out.
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Delmar Dash 2019 – Race and Strategy

by Tom O’Grady
Running a race takes more than just wanting to win. Tom O'Grady describes the Delmar Dash in exciting detail and his strategy. When asked the question what it was like duking it out at the end of the race, his answer surprised me. He also mentioned that he could not understand why the numbers were dropping for such a great spring race.
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Strong Through Every Mile (STEM): A Program Using Running to Change People's Lives

by Jennifer Gish
STEM (Strong Through Every Mile) is a program inspired to help survivors of domestic violence. It's an eight-weeks-at-a-time endeavor that trains survivors, many who have never run at all, to accomplish their first 5k. STEM was born from Jennifer Gish's passion to help survivors of domestic violence. The group shown here triumphantly ran the Hudson to Helderberg Half Marathon.
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3 New Events for Great Causes

The Pace Setter received info on three new races supporting awesome causes that deserve your attention: The Inaugural Apple Blossom Run 5k and Kids Run, May 18; Fleet Feet - Runnin' for the Roots, May 24, 6-9 pm; and the Canalway Challenge.
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Yoga for Runners – How to Combat Tight Upper Body to Run Better

by Karli Taylor
"Lower body flexibility is, in fact, very important to your running performance, but have you ever thought about how a tight upper body can impact your running?" In this issue of Yoga for Runners, Karli Taylor explores the importance of upper body flexibility for runners.
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Athlete's Kitchen - Weight Management: Carbs, Calories, or Keto?

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD
If you are worried about your weight, should you limit dietary fat or limit carbohydrates instead? This quandary is crucial to runners who need larger amounts of food to maintain body health. Dietician Nancy Clarke weighs in on the issues of a ketogenic diet for athletes.
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Books to Read After Running

by Sally Drake and Mark Mindel
Sally Drake, a Willow Street runner and tremendous reader, recommends four books that all sound great. One book, Queenie, by Candice Carty-Williams, is like Bridget Jones but with more contemporary references. Mark Mindel, a noted runner and reader, has recommended three books that are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.
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