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June 2019

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You don't need a Race for an Ultra Adventure: Or 19 hours hard labor for a bowl of noodles

by Bill Hoffman
Bill and two of his "crazy runner friends" decided to make their own ultra. Near dusk on May 31, they set off from the Bear Mountain Bridge with the goal of reaching the George Washington Bridge 55 miles away in about 15 or 16 hours. "Optimism is the curse of runners everywhere..." Enjoy this latest installment of Tales from the Trail.
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Bill Rodgers Interview

Questions by Christine Bishop and Steve Obermayer
Due to the incredible kindness of BBL to sponsor Bill Rodgers to come to the CDPHP WTC for the second year, I was able to interview Bill along with BBL CFO and runner Steve Obermayer. Bill is no longer running marathons or track but his records are incredible and some to this day have not been beaten. In the '70s and '80s he helped to start the running boom that continues to this day. He is one of running's top ambassadors.
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BBL Brings Bill Rodgers to the CDPHP WTC 2019

by Christine Bishop
For those who are not familiar with BBL, a background article was needed on this generous company that believes strongly in the value of wellness. Their connection to the Workforce Team Challenge can be traced to the race's beginning in 1980, when it was called the Manufacturers Hanover Capital Challenge ("Manny-Hanny"). Steve Obermayer, the CFO of BBL, also an experienced runner, was interviewed.
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Compiled by Christine Bishop
The Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club (HMRRC) organizes the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge each year. The proceeds of the race go to the HMRRC to fund its non-profit activities and to two charities of choice chosen by members. Enormous in scope, the race usually comprises over 500 corporate teams and 10,000 participants, most running but some walking. Race day turns Albany Plaza into a bustling city whose energy is contagious.
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CDPHP WTC T-Shirt Contest Teams – Part 1: Aspira to Northern Rivers

compiled by Christine Bishop
Every year the Empire State Plaza comes alive with vibrant colors of the t-shirts worn by teams for the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge race. T-shirts line the grandstand of teams that have entered into a contest with six categories to vie for (go to https://www.cdphpwtc.com/tshirtcontest.html). This year competing teams were asked to send a group picture and a little write up about why they run. Part 1 is alphabetical from Aspira to Northern Rivers and Pt. 2, from NYS on, and is the article below.
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CDPHP WTC T-Shirt Contest Teams – Part 2: NYS Assembly Majority to YMCA

Continued from article above. Competing teams sent a group picture and many a write up about why they run. This part is from teams NYS to the YMCA. Enjoy their pictures and finding out what makes them run.
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Reflections on Freihofer's Race for Women 2019

by Hannah Reinhardt, Dana Bush, Danielle Kollarus Maslowsky, Amanda Perri, Karen Dolge, and Lisa DiCocco
Read about why women feel this race is so special.
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What it’s Like to Direct the Freihofer’s Run for Women

by Kristen Hislop
Kristen Hislop is a co-director of the Friehofer's race along with Patrick Lynskey. Her view of the race is obviously different than the runners; she spends months working on details to make it go smoothly and then full of anticipation faces race day. "Very few people understand all the moving parts that result in a 3-day event the week after Memorial Day each year (for the past 41 years.)"
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The Distinguished Service Award 2019 Goes to Ed Hampston

by Sally Drake
Volunteerism is what makes our club run. So each year the HMRRC gives an award and sponsors a race for a member who has unceasingly and selflessly given freely of their time to make our club better. This year the award went to Ed Hampston and we thank him for the myriad of ways he has contributed to our club.
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McKeown and Knobloch Win 2019 Bill Robinson Masters 10K

by Jim Tierney
The 39th Annual Bill Robinson Masters 10K (6.2 miles) road race took place, as always, at Guilderland High School on Saturday, April 27th, 2019. The out and back course started, as advertised, promptly at 9 a.m. It was a cool, almost cold, damp morning with a wind that challenged the runners for the first part of the race.
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The Athletes Kitchen – Staying Well: An important Job for Runners

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD
As a runner, you have two jobs. One is to eat wisely to run well. The other is to stay healthy. That includes sleeping well, eating well, and living well (according to your values.) Wellness was the theme of the 35th Annual Symposium for the more than 7,000 sports dietitians ....
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Celebrating the Tuesday Night Track Meet's 50th Anniversary Season

by Frank Myers
Read about the history of the Colonie Track Meet that has been going strong for 50 years under the guidance of brothers Frank and Don Myers. "In the beginning there would be the 100 yard dash, the 440 yard dash and the 1 mile run. The next week there would be a 220 yard dash, and 880 yard run and a two mile ..." On June 16, Sunday, at 9 a.m. and June 18, Tuesday, at 6 p.m., track events will be held at Colonie HS. Sponsored by the HMRRC, and it is free.
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Books to Read After Running

by Sally Drake and Mark Mindel
One of Sally's picks is definitely for runners: Running Home by Katie Arnold. "This memoir by elite ultra-distance trail-runner Katie Arnold mostly avoids the pitfalls of other running memoirs with its honest vulnerability and beautiful descriptions of southwestern trail running that make you feel like you yourself are running up a mountain in New Mexico." Mark's are for fun at the beach.
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