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RUN 2022! Events Calendar for the Year

The November calendar has a new feature. At the end are two links to race results: one from the HMRRC and the other from ARE. So enjoy pondering new races and examining past ones! Happy Thanksgiving! For full article, click here

Emergence From the Emergency Part 2”: HMRRC Annual 2022 Report

by Jessica Northan
In her second annual report, Jessica describes the positive and negative forces facing the HMRRC after the lingering effects of the pandemic. The methods we choose to combat these will determine the long-range success of the HMRRC. For full article, click here

Hairy Gorilla Race: A Wild Halloween Treat

by Christine Bishop
This year's Hairy Gorilla thrilla was epic. The weather was planetary, the macabre touches were divine, and the people were chill beyond belief. The result was an epic, magical event. For full article, click here

MHR Marathon and Half Stats

compiled by Christine Bishop
A more exciting event couldn't be imagined. It began when the male winner of the Half Marathon set a new course record. Wow! That was followed by the female winner also setting a new course record. Another Wow. Then came the male winner, who not only set a course record... For full article, click here

It Takes a Village to put on the MHR Marathon and Half

compiled by Christine Bishop
It is truly amazing all the parts and all the people necessary to put on such an event. From corporations donating to show their support of healthy activities in the community and volunteers who want to make this signature HMRRC event happen. For full article, click here

MHR Marathon: Shooting for 3:21, But an Amazing Thing Happened

by Megan Kopp
Megan Kopp shares her story of running the MHR Marathon. Things are seldom what they seem and the event turned out to be a revelation to Megan .... For full article, click here

MHR Half Marathon: A Pleasant Surprise

by Shannon O’Meara
Shannon was looking forward to running the MHR Half Marathon, but as the early morning went on, everything she did to prepare went wrong. Were the omens trying to send her a message? She persevered anyway... For full article, click here

The Berlin Marathon – My Second World Marathon Major Star

by Caitlyn Edmundson
My journey to a World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher Medal began in Tokyo in 2019 and continued in Berlin at the end of September this year... For full article, click here

A Beautiful Day in the Windy City Produces Fast Times at the Chicago Marathon 2022

by Tom O’Grady
Tom O'Grady is one of our elite runners known locally for setting records at the Boston Marathon. He decided to go further afield this time to Chicago and loved it. For full article, click here

Heavy Duty Honor: to Bear a Bear

by Jon Lindenauer
Jon was thrilled to win the First Prize at the Adirondack Half Marathon but had no idea how heavy the cute bear would be to carry around post race while enjoying the race's great craft beer and food. He dedicated the run to his aunt who recently died and he did her proud. For full article, click here

Well, That Was a Nice Surprise! ADK Distance Festival Half Marathon

by Colleen McGarry
I was hitting all the marks on my training plan ...“ This is my A race,” I thought, “but it will be okay if it doesn’t go as planned.” For full article, click here

Race Recap: HMRRC Labor Day 5K

by Megan James
Megan recaps the highlights of the Labor Day Race and amazingly never mentions once that she was the female winner. Instead, she points out the outstanding performances by others. For full article, click here

Injury Healed My Relationship with Running

by Ansen Chamberlain
If there had been a single moment – maybe a sudden fall, or an audible crack, I’d likely have been more sympathetic to my circumstances. For full article, click here

Pete Rowell Hall of Fame Winner

by Emily Taft
Pete Rowell, who we know as an ARE star runner and personality, has been running well since high school on. So well that he was recently inducted into the Scotia-Glenville Athletic Hall of Fame. For full article, click here

Old Man Winter is Lurking around the Corner

by Benita Zahn
Don't be fooled by all the pleasant temperatures now. Soon they will dip and running will become encumbered by heavy clothing. Benita gives advice on how best to cope with the worst winter can bring on. For full article, click here

Food to Give Thanks For

by Anouk Booneman
Anouk's article is epic. She describes step by step how to have a delightful Thanksgiving that you as the cook will enjoy and your friends or family will be enchanted by. The recipes contain no meat... For full article, click here

Chocolate and Runners

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Most people love chocolate. You've probably known several chocoholics, right? But is chocolate good for you? Is it a "health food" as many happily explain? Nancy chimes in on this sweet topic. For full article, click here

Fretting about Food & Physique?

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Body shaming has become a trend and runners can obsess about it too. Should their body be perfect? Should they work on a Greek god physique? Will it improve their performance or drive them crazy? For full article, click here

Books to Read After Running

by Mark Mindel
Mark once again treats us to some thrillers to read by a fireplace with a glass of mulled cider after a long run or walk. Next month he will honor works by Russ Ebbets, a well-known local running coach, chiropractor and professor that would make great holiday gifts. For full article, click here

November Up To Speed

compiled by Chris Bishop
There are many exciting articles from around the racing world including the amazing feat of Eliud Kipchoge setting the world's record at the Berlin Marathon with 2:01:09. However, the big news locally is that Michelle Merlis went to Thailand for Team USA. For full article, click here

HMRRC Social Page - November Pace Setter

This month we celebrate 2 weddings: Lauren Scarupa & Doug Clark; Shannon O'Meara & Frank Woods; and 4 anniversaries: Tom & Marcia Adams, Andy & Kim Reed, Meg & Jon Louden, and Karen Bertasso & Mike Hughes. For full article, click here

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