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JULY 2020

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Running is my Boyfriend. Golf is my Crush

by Stephanie Mumford Brown
Stephanie brings to The Pace Setter a long awaited sense of humor to help combat the COVID-19 gloom encompassing runners as race after race gets cancelled. Amazingly, she started running only two years ago and not for the reason you would assume. For full article, click here

Wherein Dodge the Deer Pulls up Stakes Yet Again and Bravely Encounters the Trophy of Death: Or ... The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

by Laura Clark
Leave it to the ARE to host the inaugural and perhaps only live event of the Capital Region summer running season. For full article, click here

Runners’ Thoughts on Dodge the Deer 2020: The First Actual Race in Months!

Runners Michael DiNicola, David Roy, Frank Woods and Shannon O’Meara, Stephen Hallgren, Anthony Pasqualino, Gideon OyiboSmith, Michelle Davis, and Nathan Laing share their thoughts about the race with us. The end of the article has a link to the race results and a list of the age group winners. For full article, click here

The Race is On!

by Theresa DeLorenzo
"Then, the moment I had been waiting for happened! I got an email that a race I had signed up for months prior was happening. Like, really happening. Not virtual but in real life. A real live race! My daughters and I had planned to do it together." For full article, click here

Runner's Guide to Drinking

by Benita Zahn
As a season runner, advice on hydration seems redundant, but for those new to the sport it is crucial. Benita provides us with a refreshing overview that we all might learn something from. For full article, click here

How to Hold an In-Person Race During a Pandemic

by Emily Chromczak
Schodack Island State Park was scheduled to hold ARE's Dodge the Deer and then suddenly revoked its permission. Not daunted by this, the plans changed to have the Chromczak's farm be the venue. Emily details how this miracle became a reality. For full article, click here

Who is That Masked Man?

by Andy Reed
Andy brings up the highly contentious issue of if runners should wear masks when participating in races. People who have severe allergies like Galen Rupp wear them to protect themselves. So their use in running is not unknown. For full article, click here

Chasing Big Goals

by Shelby Sayre
"Pushed beneath the diaper changes and documenting everything my precious children did was an athlete without a sport. I missed setting audacious goals... "She did set them and then tragedy struck. Shelby's road back is an inspiration to us all. For full article, click here

Building a Better Vegan/Vegetarian Sports Diet

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Vegan and vegetarian diets are becoming popular with athletes. Is this a good trend? Nancy Clark discusses the implications and deals with common misconceptions and myths about these diets.
For full article, click here

Capital District Challenge Gains

by Brina Sequine
Ms. Seguine has become our poet laureate, contributing another ode to running: this time about the Capital District Challenge. Those who have doggedly participated in this for five weeks will identify with her sentiments. Those who haven't may wish they had. For full article, click here

Meet Our Runners

Greg Ethier, Connie Smith, Scott Suba, Lauren Carnahan and Jim Gazzale give you insights into what makes them run. Their answers to questions give insight into what motivates them to run many miles each week. For full article, click here

The Nature of Competition is Up To You

by Ben Heller
"Part of our shared human experience is dealing with suffering ... We participate in a sport that contains many elements of suffering ... We can be kind to ourselves and our competitors. We can remind ourselves that we are a running family." For full article, click here

Cold Soups Add Zest to Summer Eating

by Anouk Booneman
Cold soups are delightful summer fare. They are easy to make and great to eat on sweltering days. Anouk gives us some tempting plant-based recipes that can also be made vegan. Bon appétit! For full article, click here

How to Lose Weight While Drinking Wine (or Beer) and Eating Whatever You Want

by Jim Gazzale
Does this sound too good to be true? Well, Jim maps out a strategy to carry this out. You can have it all. His plan includes plenty of help from him too if you need it. For full article, click here

The Capital Region Track, Field and Cross Country Hall of Fame Set to Induct Its Third Class of Inductees

by Peter Sheridan
"The old and the new – Ray Trail, who set world interscholastic records for Mont Pleasant more than 80 years ago, and Izaiah Brown, an Amsterdam speedster chosen in his first year of eligibility, are among the 2020 inductees..." For full article, click here

Books to Read After Running

by Mark Mindel and Sally Drake
As a change of pace, one of the books Mark recommends is not a testosterone driven mystery and Sally recommends a book that she places into the list of her all-time favorites!! For full article, click here

Review: Staying the Course: A Runner's Toughest Race

by Tom O'Grady
"Dick Beardsley’s tale is one of an athlete who saw the fruits of his labor blossom later than most and then saw his life and career take several unanticipated and unwelcomed side turns." He set world records and co-won the first London Marathon in 1981. For full article, click here

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