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HMRRC Annual Report 2021

by Jessica Northan, President
Jessica Northan, president of the HMRRC, wrote an annual review of the state of our club that was presented at the 50th Anniversary Race in Albany on September 26. Northan summarized the devastating influence the pandemic had, and continues to have, on our organization. Fortunately, our finances are fairly robust, but there are other trends that do not bode well for us unless more members become active in our organization. For full article, click here

Will Running be the Same after the Pandemic?

by HMRRC Members
This survey deals with the effect the pandemic has had on members' running. To some it has been a blessing since it gave them time to work on their skills, and to others it totally turned them off to running for now. See the article to find out what the consensus is of our members. For full article, click here

Where's The Fun?

by Benita Zahn
During the pandemic has running become tedious to you and not the source of joy it once was? Does the idea of going for a run discourage you? Well, if so, Benita Zahn supplies some ways to shake it up and bring zest back into your running. For full article, click here

Talking to the “Usetabe” Runner: Can you convince a friend to get back into running?

by Stephanie Brown
Ms. Brown meets many people in the multiple sports she pursues that have given up running for varied reasons. "Truth is, all these “usetabes” know running is a good idea." Read her arguments. For full article, click here

Keeping Similarities of Running

by Brina Seguine
Our Poet Laureate is at it again. When asked about how the pandemic affected her running, she replied with a poem. One that will keep you running with a smile on your face.

The Stockade-athon is Back! Rejoice!

by Christine Bishop
On November 14 the Stockade-athon, one of the major 15K races in America, will take place in person, not virtually, with racers covering the streets of Schenectady in all its Autumn beauty. There are prizes in 15 categories. If you can't run it, then volunteer to be a part of running history. We need your help! For full article, click here

Stockade-athon Returns to Schenectady

by Tom O'Grady
The Stockade-athon is one of the premier races of the HMRRC. It is run at a perfect time of the year when Autumn is at its peak. It will return to Schenectady for the first time in two years on November 14. Tom O'Grady is a veteran runner and coach and recounts his experiences racing it. For full article, click here

Only 12 Miles to Go: Cascade Crest 100 Miler

by Bill Hoffman
Imagine running from Albany to Lake George and back in one day and in sandals. That's what Bill Hoffman did. He narrates his epic Odyssey through the Central Cascades of Washington State and gives thanks at the end to his wife Naomi for crewing him and to his friend Tim who joined him at mile 56! For full article, click here

43 and Looking Good: Freihofer's Run for Women

by Christine Bishop
The Freihofer’s Race for Women is one of the oldest races of this type. It has had a major influence on women runners including some of today's racers who ran it when they were children. Race Director Kristen Hislop celebrates its 43rd running and presents the problems they surmounted. For full article, click here

Anniverary Run 2021

by Dave Glass
The Anniversary Run celebrates the founding of the HMRRC and this year was particularly important as it was our fiftieth! Awards were presented to Marcia Adams, Hall of Fame 2020; Mike Kelly, Hall of Fame 2021; Distinguished Service 2021 Award to our editor, Christine Bishop. Congrats all around! For full article, click here

Male Athletes & Eating Disorders

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Our media presents women both athletes and superstars as having problems with eating disorders due to perceived values of beauty. While guess what! Men have that problem too, although granted not at the rate that women do. Noted dietician Nancy Clark deals with this problem offering solutions. For full article, click here

Butternut Miso Coconut Soup, Gluten Free Focaccia & Hummus

by Anouk Booneman
In this month's installment, Anouk celebrates fall vegetables and how to cook healthy with them. She details Butternut Squash Miso Soup, Gluten Free Focaccia & Joann Chang's Hummus recipes. She also puts in links to where you can easily obtain ingredients that would not be at your local foodstore. Bon appétit! For full article, click here

Moreau Half Being Run Again on November 6

by Bill Hoffman
One tough ultra trail run designed to test your endurance and strength is back on November 6. This is year two for the Moreau Half created by Bill Hoffman's venture: Moon Dog Running. If you do not want to run it but would love to soak in its ambience, then you are invited to be a volunteer. For full article, click here

Books to Read After Running

HMRRC noted athletes Sally Drake and Mark Mindel review books that are great to read when relaxing after running. The books cover the gamut from fiction to nonfiction. Get out some delicious, mulled cider, chill out, and read one of these great books. Happy reading. For full article, click here

Christine Bishop, Editor

Daniele Cherniak & Cathy Sliwinski, Editorial Assistants

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