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JUNE 2022

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RUN 2022! Events Calendar for the Year

A lot of great races in June. Check out the schedule to make your plans. The Distinguished Service Race to honor Jessica and Brian Northan is on June 12, the Tri-City Valley Cats Fathers' Day Home Run is on June 18, and the ever-amusing Dodge the Deer 5K and Kids' races are on June 26. For full article, click here

HMRRC 2022 Distinguished Service Award Winners: Jessica and Brian Northan

Annually, the Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is presented by the Hudson-Mohawk Road Runners Club (HMRRC) to honor club members who outstandingly serve the club. Jessica and Brian have been awesome in their devotion and have done countless services for the Club.
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5run8 is 518's Local Podcast for Runners

by Michael "Dino" DiNicola
The 5run8 podcasts are meant to foster a sense of community among runners in the Capital Region. It’s a place where runners can freely share their training and other things pertaining directly and indirectly to the sport... For full article, click here

2022 Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Shrader Scholarship Winners

by Sally Drake
This year the HMRRC is awarding 6 Bill Schrader Memorial Scholarships for $3,000 each to worthy students whose credentials will astound you. Although they are young, they have accomplished much and will be the star runners of tomorrow. For full article, click here

Active Sandals: Go-To Shoes for Summer

by Jake Greski
What sandals should you wear for the summer when you go outdoors for sports activities? An active sandal is designed for people who feel that a shoe is too much on their feet. Different types of sandals are examined for you to choose from. For full article, click here

The Freihofer's Race for Women Never Ends!

by Kristen Hislop
Deep exhale. The majority of the work is done. Prize money allocation, thank you notes, social media hawking and surveys are in progress. Now it’s time to look towards the 45th Freihofer’s Run for Women
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Freihofer’s 2022: Why We Run

by Benita Zahn
By the time you read this, the 44th running of the Freihofer’s Run for Women will be well in the history books. It was a spectacularly sunny day. Some complained it was too warm, for others, yours truly included, it was perfect. The winner came across the finish line in an astonishing 15:18. For full article, click here

Fargo Marathon 2022: Karen Takes First

by Karen Bertasso
Karen was excited to run the Fargo North Dakota Marathon. She was prepared and all looked well, but in running, things are never what they seem and the "who knows" factor is always in play. She knew her running colleague Samantha Roecker would also be there... For full article, click here

Fargo Marathon: Kim MacGregor Law's Quest

by Kim MacGregor Law
Comedian Steven Wright has said, "It's a small world but I wouldn't want to have to paint it." In an unbelievable coincidence, Kim was running the Fargo Marathon and who should she see running by her but one of Albany's leading runners, Karen Bertasso! She had no idea Karen would be there and vice versa. Why did Kim go there, you may ask. For full article, click here

CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge 2022 Sparks Excitement in Albany

by Samantha Simmons
The CPDHP WTC Race is an amazing event that brings thousands of corporate workers out of their offices and onto the streets of Albany ending with an exhilarating run down Madison Avenue and parties afterwards. The next several articles will cover the event in depth. For full article, click here

CDPHP WTC 2022: The Voices of the Winners and More!

by Christine Bishop
The winners of the CDPHP WTC discuss their runs, results galore on the race are presented ,and finally the volunteers, without whom this race could not function, are identified and honored for the part they play in making this arguably the top race in Albany.
For full article, click here

The CDPHP WTC Was More Than a Race to Me

by Shylah Weber
"This year’s Workforce Team Challenge marked the end of a potentially endless off-season for me. I had been struggling with symptoms of “long covid” following my booster vaccine....."
For full article, click here

CDPHP WTC 2002 Team T-Shirt Contest

by Christine Bishop
One of the hallmarks of the CDPHP WTC Race is Team T-Shirts emblazoned with corporate designs that add color and pageantry to the event. To honor this, a contest is held every year for the top Team T-Shirt designs with prizes three deep in four categories. For full article, click here

Volunteering at the Workforce Team Challenge

by Barbara Bradley
Volunteers for the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge are always needed and this year being a volunteer was a challenge. Between dodging rain clouds, getting totally drenched, and then having the sun come shining through, the volunteers never ceased their work and deserve much praise. .
For full article, click here

Bethlehem Central School District Holds Contest and Wins

by Andrew Rickert
Most CDPHP Workforce Challenge Teams outsource their shirt designs to local screen printing companies and/or talent at graphic design firms. This was not the case for the Bethlehem Central School District team, who put this task squarely in the hands of its own students. For full article, click here

Living Resources' Tyler Cronk – Designer Extraordinaire

by Catherine Butryn
Like the Super Hero he illustrated, Tyler Cronk is going places. Cronk, who has an autism diagnosis, started participating in Living Resources’ art program 20 years ago and now works there full time as part of their development team. For full article, click here

Miles on the Mohawk: The Heat Was On!

by Samantha Simmons
The day started out cool and sunny but as it went on and the races with it, what began pleasantly turned into a steam bath but it did not deter our enthusiastic runners who completed a 5 Miler, 10 Miler and a Marathon!! ARE rocks! For full article, click here

Ask Theresa: Diet and Nutrition for Athletes

by Dr. Theresa DeLorenzo, RD
This month Dr. DeLorenzo tackles questions about what to eat before a race, carb loading for marathons, and foods that can cause cramping when running.
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After the Diet – Is Regaining Weight Avoidable?

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
If you are fearful of regaining your hard-lost weight, this article will help you understand why maintaining lost weight takes effort. Paul MacLean PhD, Professor of Medicine & Pathology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, has carefully studied weight regain.
For full article, click here

Books to Read After Running

Mark Mindel and Sally Drake
When you are done with a great workout, run or race, these books recommended by athletes are your ticket to relaxation and enjoyment. Mark as usual reviews books guaranteed to thrill you and Sally is recommending ones that she is presently reading.
For full article, click here

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