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June 2024

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End of an Era: General Electric & Workforce Team Challenge

by Aaron Knobloch
The CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge is the biggest race in the Capital Region. This annual event is a highlight for many club members. Aaron Knobloch has been a team captain for GE and a perennial top finisher for nearly 20 years. In this article Aaron discusses some of his memories of the event as GE transitions into three separate companies. For full article, click here

Singlecut North – A Race I'll Drink To

by Dr. Benita Zahn
Running is both personal and social. When you find a race that hits the high mark on both counts AND provides practical swag, you sign up for the race again and again. Read on to learn more about how The SingleCut North Have a Drink on Me 5k ticks all those boxes. For full article, click here

HMRRC Selects Winners of the 2024 Shrader Memorial Scholarship

by Denis Hurley
The Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club has selected the six winners of the 2024 Bill Shrader Sr. Memorial Scholarship. The Shrader Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to six student athletes who participate in track and field and/or cross country at a Section 2 high school and plan to continue running in college on either a team or with a club. Find out the winners in this article. For full article, click here

The 2024 HMRRC Colonie Mile

by Nick Demos and Frank Myers
The 2024 HMRRC Colonie Mile will be held Tuesday July 9, 2024 at Shaker High School, 445 Watervliet Shaker Road, Latham. Read on to learn more about the event and its history. For full article, click here

Learn more about this year's Summer Track Schedule here

Information about the 2024 Tuesday Night Summer Track Program

Jon Golden: Athlete of the Month

by Sara O’Grady
This month we are spotlighting Jon Golden who is a long-time club member with inspiring goals for running a marathon in all 50 states. Read on to learn about Jon’s favorite races and how he meets his training goals. For full article, click here

Chasing My Kudu

by Gerard Falotico
Gerard Falotico didn’t start running marathons until he was 57. That didn’t stop him from letting the marathon teach him some valuable life lessons. Gerard went on to write a book about how the marathon helped him chase his Kudu. Read on to learn more. For full article, click here

Book Review and Recommendation: NORTH: A Memoir About Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail by Scott and Jenny Jurek

by Thomas O’Grady
In this month's book review/recommendation we learn more about Scott Jurek's quest to set a fastest known time on the Appalachian Trail. Jurek provides an intimate look at his physical and emotional journey along the trail with additional perspective provided by his wife Jenny, who co-authored the book. The book captures their shared struggles and triumphs, highlighting how resilience, teamwork, and a relentless spirit are required to achieve extraordinary goals. For full article, click here

The Athlete's Kitchen - Ultra-Processed Foods: Beyond the Headlines

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
In today's food culture, we have demonized certain types of foods, such as those with abundant carbs, fat, salt, and sugar. The latest demon is ultra-processed foods. Read on to learn more. For full article, click here

Follow-up Letter to Pace Setter Readers

by Megan R. James, PT DPT, USATF-L2 (Immersion PT) and Robert Rehberger, PT DPT, OCS (Resolute Physical Therapy)
Physical therapists Megan James and Robert Rehberger talk about the ACL and some action items for risk reduction that can be especially helpful for the runner and female athlete. For full article, click here

Off The Road – The Wisdom of Yoga

by Russ Ebbets, DC
Learn some historical facts about yoga and some simple poses that can be helpful for your running. Check out Russ's article in this month's Off The Road column. For full article, click here

Yoga for Runners – Pose of the Month: Tiger Pose with Bind (Eka Hasta Vyaghrasana)

by Sally Drake
Each month, Sally Drake features a yoga pose, breathing technique or guided meditation that is beneficial for runners. Yoga helps improve flexibility; increase strength; enhance balance and stability; provide stress relief, better breathing and faster recovery. Even just a few minutes of yoga added to your pre or post run routine will positively impact not just your athletic pursuits, but all areas of your life. For full article, click here

Tom and Sara O'Grady, Editors

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