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The Joys of Urban Trail Running

by Stephanie Mumford Brown
Who says trail running must be in wooded glens? Certainly not Ms. Brown, who makes the argument that the city streets in Albany provide the pleasures of trail running in a distinctly man-made environment minus face planting roots, mud splashing puddles, and pesty insects that sting and bite. For full article, click here

A Doctor's View of Living With COVID-19

by Todd Shatynski
"All of us are struggling in some new way over the past several months. Whether you were personally affected by Covid19, lost a loved one or a job, or maybe you are just struggling with the fact that there are less activities in your life, you are being challenged to focus on anything other than the problems of 2020." For full article, click here

Yeti 100 Miler: An Epic Run

by Mary Claire Walker
Mary details the "agony and the ecstasy" of her run at the Yeti 100 Miler, which is comparable to running from Albany to the US Military Academy at West Point, NY, on trails and not paved roads! This is the culmination of a dream she has had for years to run a 100 miler in less than 24 hours. For full article, click here

DIY Ultras, OKTs and FTKs

by Bill Hoffman
With no trail races to be tempted by Bill Hoffman and Jake Stookey took the DYI initiative to the next level and ran three courses by themselves in under 60 hours while earning FKTs: the Lake George 12ster (proving sometimes swimming is preferable to running); the Saranac 6er (road bikes ruled here); and the Lake Placid 9er (starting at midnight).. For full article, click here

What a Difference a Week Makes: Hikes in the Adirondacks

by Ed Conway
Now is the time to take a break from running and hike in the Adirondacks or Catskills to witness the beauty of autumn. The pictures taken with Ed's smartphone are breathtaking. Inside the article are suggestions for fall foliage hikes and links to weekly maps charting the progression of must-see fall foliage. For full article, click here

And When October Goes ...

by Benita Zahn
The beautiful exciting fall races that we have come to love where crowds of people run and we meet old friends are no longer with us. "We're on our own. Making our own races. It's the field of virtual dreams." For full article, click here

Halloween is for Runners

by Christine Bishop
With the pandemic still holding us in its thrall, running costumes for trick or treating or racing are not number one in our minds, but if the Hairy Gorilla occurs, get the costumes out! Guinness Book of World Records has inspired many a runner and the costumes are bound to jog your imagination." For full article, click here

Meet Our Runners

Once again we are having five runners answer questions about their accomplishments and what motivates them. Enjoy their answers as they might surprise you! For full article, click here

Nomadman 140.6 Recap: Option B Rules!

by Jeremy McNamara
"Slowly but surely just like every other athlete, I watched everything get canceled including my A-race, Ironman Barcelona ... Presented with the choices of trying to maintain fitness for another year, a year that will possibly have significant life changes, or just doing my own damn race to prove to myself I can do it, I chose option B. I encourage everyone to choose option B." For full article, click here

You Can’t Take the Fest Out of Thacher Park Trail Running Festival

by Laura Clark
Laura lived in Germany for several years where fests were plentiful and much loved. There were races in many distances that were usually walked by all members of the family. The Thacher Park Festival had an assortment of distances to run but was constrained by COVID-19, however, the participants were undaunted and enthusiastic to be in a REAL race. For full article, click here

Adirondack 5K

by Stephen Hallgren
"As I was driving up to Lake George from Albany, I knew it was going to be the perfect day for a real race. I’ve never raced the Adirondack 5k, but I was particularly excited for this race." For full article, click here

How to Run Smartly and Safely

by Connie Smith
Recently there were two attacks on solo women joggers that occurred during the day by the same man: one on the Zim Smith Trail in Malta and the other a cemetery in Saratoga Springs. Women need to be cognizant of ways to be safe when on solo runs. For full article, click here

Nutrition Considerations for Running in the Cold

by Dr. Theresa DeLorenzo, RD
"I was recently asked by a neighbor, who sees me running every day on his way to work, stopping to ask what the heck I am doing running in the pouring rain, “So what do you when winter comes?” “Run!” For full article, click here

Training for the Virtual Boston 2020

by John Slyer
The Boston Marathon “Virtual Experience” was the week of September 5-14. Many of our local runners competed including John Slyer, who was persuaded by his friend Brian Coyne to go for it. Normally he would train for the for the Boston Marathon, IronMan Lake Placid and an ultra trail run but 2020 was not normal. For full article, click here

The 124th Boston Marathon – A Virtual Road Race I Proudly Ran

by Tom O'Grady
"In the spirit of the 124th Boston Marathon, I set out from Schenectady to Albany via the Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon course at 7:31 a.m. on Saturday, September 12th. Over the next two hours, 38 minutes and 53 seconds, I channeled the same energy I had the previous five times..." For full article, click here

The Dilemma of Dealing with COVID for Track Teams and Keeping Everyone Safe

by Kristen Hislop
There are a tangle of rules on how to run track teams safely from sports authorities, to New York State to local towns. Kristen as a seasoned coach, athlete and parent, is helping the Shenendehowa teams deal with these puzzling, and at times contradictory, rules so that the high school can run its sports program while keeping its students safe. For full article, click here

Moreau Half Marathon – A New Trail Race

by Bill Hoffman
Bill, his wife, and Tim Ela have formed a new, non-profit organization to promote trail running in the Capital Region and beyond. This is their first race and only 50 can register in keeping with COVID-19 safety measures. For full article, click here

Autumn Delights

by Anouk Booneman
Autumn is a time of year that Anouk looks forward to picking and tasting the delicious apples New York is famous for. She provides here a gluten-free (easily veganized) baked apple doughnuts recipe and creative ways to use the spaghetti like strings of yellow winter squash. Her recipes will inspire you. For full article, click here

Nutrition Tactics for Building Muscles

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Most runners want to have strong muscles to be more powerful, help prevent injuries, and yes, to look buff. They wonder: "What can I eat for more muscle, strength and power?" As a seasoned nutritionist and athlete, Ms. Clark weighs in on this question. For full article, click here

The Upstate Classic: 5K, 13.1M, & 26.2M

by Josh Merlis
The Upstate Classic, scheduled for November 15, will be staged where the Druther's Helderberg to Hudson race was but with different routes. The emphasis on safety, competition and fun will still be the same. For full article, click here

Books to Read After Running

by Mark Mindel and Sally Drake
Resident athletes and readers, Mark Mindel and Sally Drake recommend excellent books for you to delve into after a nice long run or when you are relaxing. Mark's choices usually are testosterone driven mysteries but this time he has chosen some that will surprise. For example, he loved Where the Crawdads Sing and A Week at the Shore. For full article, click here

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