•   On May 19 thousands will be running the CPDHP WTC in downtown Albany and Miles on the Mohawk is May 29   

MAY 2022

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RUN 2022! Events Calendar for the Year

May is a great month for races, such as the CDPHP Corporate Team Challenge on May 19 and Miles on the Mohawk, and remember June 4 is the Freihofer's Run for Women! Check out the schedule to make your plans. For full article, click here

Vote For HMRRC 2022 Distinguished Service Award Nominees

by Sally Drake
The vote is being held virtually at the HMRRC Board Meeting, May 11, 2022, 7:00 p.m. Contact Sally Drake for a link to virtual meeting. The Distinguished Service Award is given annually to honor those who work consistently year after year to help the HMRRC run smoothly. They are the backbone of our club. For full article, click here

Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon – 1,671 Finished Epic ARE Race

by the Runners
The second running of this race saw much enthusiasm and a dynamite finish as Scott Mindel and Ryan Udvadia duked it out, ending with 8 seconds between them. Cara Sherman and Karen Bertasso were also way ahead of the pack and put on a grand finale. For full article, click here

Runner Questionnaire – Scott Mindel

Scott Mindel ran an incredible race at the Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon and made his father, a local runner who helped to create the Stockade-athon, one proud dad. To find out more about Scott's running and his history, this article is required reading. For full article, click here

Runner Questionnaire – Cara Sherman

Cara Sherman was a star runner at U Albany and is now taking her running achievements to a new level as a post-college adult runner. To find out more about her illustrious running career, you can read her account of what she has accomplished and what motivates her. For full article, click here

Running the H2H: My PR Quest

by Tom Gabriel
"I must have checked the weather once every two hours in the days leading up to the Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon (H2H). After word came out that the rail trail had been restored (great work by Albany County!) the only question was..." For full article, click here

Running Through Calamity

by Amber Coppolo
It is amazing how people, when faced with truly bleak occurrences, can go onward steadfastly and manage to rise above what would sink most and fight with all their will to conquer it and triumph. Amber is a true warrior. For full article, click here

Take the Bacon and Run

by Bob Irwin
At the Delmar Dash, while taking pictures, I happened to notice someone changing who had socks with bacon on them. Without even looking upward, I knew who it was. So I made a contest on FB to see who could instantly ID the runner who has made bacon famous. For full article, click here

Ukraine Group Run for Freedom

by Kristen Hislop
Getting together to support Ukraine, runners did what they do best: run with the aim to raise money to help the besieged people in Ukraine and in particular the children, whose lives have been forever changed. Groups are listed at the end of this article to give donations to that have been vetted by NPR. For full article, click here

Mount Toby 24K Trail Run

by David Roy
Other than the iconic Boston Marathon (a special section is devoted to it later in this issue), April had an amazing amount of fun crazy races that our members have written about. The first is a trail run that actually goes through a cave and by a rather steep waterfall … For full article, click here

Run Wild: Bronx Zoo 5K

by Patrick Culligan
Who could resist doing a 5K at the Bronx Zoo? Patrick Culligan couldn't and ran with his nephew. Pat relates what it was like for 5,000 people to run by astonished animals who either wanted to hide, join in, or maybe eat the runners For full article, click here

Grafton Lake 15K: Not According to Script but Fun!

by Laura Clark
Bill Hoffman and his Mountain Dog Running enterprise, best known for its extreme trail races up and down the infamous Staircase of Death at New York’s Moreau State Park, ventured to Grafton Lakes this spring with its inaugural 15K... For full article, click here

Northeast Team Beef at the 50th Yuengling Shamrock Marathon

by David Roy
David is a member of the NE Team Beef that gives out free samples of beef jerky at races. Team Beef has united with Yuengling Shamrock Marathon. Of this event David said that it had the largest beer tent he has ever seen at a race and he plans to return next year. For full article, click here

Choose Shoes Wisely

by Jake Greski
What is more important to a runner than shoes? Shoes can literally make or break you. Jake Greski knows this because he works at Fleet Feet, helping people with injuries get the proper shoes and he came in third in the Electric City 5M in great part due his shoe choice. For full article, click here

40th Bill Robinson Masters 10K Championship

On a gorgeous Saturday at the end of April, HMRRC Masters gathered for this Grand Prix event. The winners, Jake Stookey and Meg Versteegen, each give their account of the race with ladies first. For full article, click here

Up to Speed – Running News Local and Global

Top local news is that Michelle Merlis of Albany qualified for a place on the U.S. National Trail Running Team by winning the Breakneck Point Trail Marathon in Beacon, NY. She will race at the 2022 World Mountain and Trail Running Championships in Thailand on November 5. For full article, click here

Boston Marathon 2022 Special

In this section (below) devoted to one of the world's top races, we will highlight local runners, bios of our local Boston Marathon superstars, runner's accounts, the celebration of the 50th anniversary of letting women run in the marathon, and historical notes of interest. Enjoy!

Tom O'Grady – Top Time in Boston Marathon for Albany Area

by Tom O’Grady
Tom kindly took time off from all his duties: professor, writer, researcher, elite athlete, father of 4, to answer questions about his eighth running of the Boston Marathon. Read his replies to find out what makes this man run.
For full article, click here

Martha DeGrazia – A Spectacular Boston Marathon Veteran

by Martha DeGrazia
Martha has run the Boston Marathon 18 times. The first was at the 100th anniversary in 1996. She skipped 4 years where she was running in London, Rotterdam and Paris twice...
For full article, click here

Boston Marathon Voices

An array of runners from our area kindly share their experience at Boston: Caitie Meyers, Megan James, Alejandro Guana, Jeremy McNamara, Jessica Northan, Joe Sullivan, Emily Ann Boerger, Lauren Scarupa and Kelly Virkler.
For full article, click here

Boston Marathon 2022

by Wei Ma
In addition to being a super runner, Wei Ma is in charge of the technical aspects of putting The Pace Setter online. He has run other marathons, but this is the first time he ran Boston. Enjoy his observations, from his running strategy to the parade of people running and watching the event. For full article, click here

TJ’s Boston Experience: Nothing is Impossible

by Mike Langevin
TJ had always wanted to run the Boston Marathon but being legally blind and deaf, this would be a herculean accomplishment. With the help of friends and lots of training, he made his dream a reality... For full article, click here

The Kobrin Twins Do Boston

by Jake Kobrin
"Sometimes life finds a way of getting you where you want to be. For me, that was running the Boston Marathon with my twin brother. Running a marathon, and running in Boston, had been a goal for me ever since I started getting serious about running..." For full article, click here

50th Anniversary of Boston Allowing to Women to Run Its Marathon

"That women were being allowed to run the Boston Marathon only 50 years ago indicates how slowly paternalistic and chauvinistic attitudes change. The word "allowed" indicates that it was males who "allowed" females to run..." Members weigh in on this. For full article, click here

Can't Keep a Good Woman Down

by Benita Zahn
Before Switzer, in 1966, Roberta Gibb ran the Boston Marathon as a bandit. She had tried to register but was rejected by race director Will Cloney, because women could not run long distances not knowing that her training included 40-mile runs.. For full article, click here

Ask Theresa: Diet and Nutrition for Athletes

by Dr. Theresa DeLorenzo, RD
This month Theresa answers questions on diets for ultra-runners, fueling for 5K and 10K races, and if drinking an energy drink on the last mile of a marathon can propel you to victory. For full article, click here

Alcohol & Runners: The good, the bad and the ugly

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Question: Is beer good for runners? Answer (courtesy of running legend Jim Fixx): “Sure, if it's the other runner drinking it!" For full article, click here

Books to Read After Running

by Mark Mindel and Sally Drake
Two athletes, both runners and readers, Mark Mindel and Sally Drake, recommend books to read after running when you want to relax, have an aperitif, and savor a good book. Both have review sites on Goodreads that you can explore further. For full article, click here

Running for Mental Health: Samantha Roecker

by Megan James
Samantha Roecker went to school with many of our members and is remembered as a sincerely nice person, caring about the world and she’s a great track star. In fact, she has run many HMRRC races and won, including our half marathon. Sam recently made news at Boston... For full article, click here

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