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January 2019

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2018 Races in Review

by Christine Bishop
The year 2018 saw some spectacular races globally and locally. Globally, the marathon record was brought closer to 2 hours and the first American in 35 years won the Boston Marathon. Locally, the Stockade-athon was an outstanding race with a photo finish not seen for years. Enjoy reliving the wonderful races of 2018.
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HMRRC Grand Prix Series 2018

by Christine Bishop
The HMRRC Grand Prix Series is comprised of 12 races. In total $9,420 is given in prize money to the top 7 in six categories with males and females receiving the same monetary amount. This year's open winners were Tim Russell and Michelle Davis.
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2018 USATF Adirondack Grand Prix Series Awards

The USATF Adirondack Grand Prix has a series of eight races in its yearly event. This year's overall top winners were Eric Macknight and Diane Ryan. Congratulations to them and to all who entered. The schedule for next year is included.
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New Year Survey - 2019 Running Goals

Members of the HMRRC were asked what their running goals were for 2019 and if they received any Christmas gifts to help up their game. Enjoy reading their responses.
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Trail Races to Look Forward to in 2019

by Bill Hoffman
"I wanted to share my favorite trail races and a few routes that I hope will be races someday. If you have never run a trail race, I, of course, would highly recommend it. Most of them are much smaller than road races and each of them has a unique personality coming from a combination of the runners and the trail itself." – Bill Hoffman.
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The Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon

by Josh Merlis
Josh Merlis has written an article about the genesis of this exciting new race, but before that the basic facts will be presented. Plan on running in the inaugural race. So far 1,500 have registered!
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The Luck of the Draw

by Alyssa Risko
Alyssa had finished the NYC Marathon and is now getting ready for Boston. She decided that after that she would take a break and concentrate on half marathons. But she saw a chance to register for the lottery to enter the Berlin Marathon and thought why not! Chances are she would never win...
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A Milestone

by Jack Berkery
"I went to the first Winter Series race of the 2018-19 season on December 9 and finished either last or close to it, which is fine for my current ability at 70 ... I'm happy just to be able to continue participating since I've had doctors tell me twice in my life that I'd never run again. However, that is not the Milestone I am referring to."
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Running, Training & Racing with Permanent Injuries

by George Berg
Runner and Coach George Berg gives depth to the word indomitable. With all that life has thrown at him, he has managed to rise above it and let never let it get him down or doubt his goals. That is the definition of courage.
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Running to Recover

by Michelle Davis
Running has always been a huge part of Michelle Davis's life and when she got injured in a freak accident, it made her realize how important it was to her and what she had to do to get on the road to recovery. Patience and hard work are the keys. She ran on New Year's Day in the Winter Series and will be crossing the finish line many times in 2019.
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January 2019 Calendar

Here are the running events laid out in calendar form. If you have any updates for January or additions for February, email Chris Bishop at cbishop2ny@gmail.com
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Best Books of 2018 by our Reviewers, Sally Drake and Mark Mindel

All year Sally and Mark have reviewed books that they highly recommend to read after running. As is fitting, at the end of the year they were asked to choose the Top Ten Books of 2018 for you to enjoy. Go to the library, get these books and then find a good chair to curl up in and enjoy these exceptional works after a long run.
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All About Energy Bars

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD
In addition to telling everything you wanted to know about energy bars, Nancy provides a great recipe that's easy to make and easy to eat and healthy!
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Seeing Double

This picture was taken by Thomas Denham on December 16 at the Fort Orange Brewery where Josh Merlis and Michelle Pratt hosted a pre-wedding party for all their friends to attend. Inside you will find two pictures with the bottom one having 6 changes on it. If you can find the changes, you may win a $10 coupon to Fleet Feet.
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We wish Josh Merlis and his lovely bride Michelle Pratt every happiness in their coming life together and look forward to sharing many races with them. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MARRIAGE!!! (Photo by Greg Wolcott)

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