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RUN 2022! Events Calendar for the Year

August is a typical lazy, hot month with many putting holds on racing as temperatures soar into the high 90s. For die hard runners there is the Thacher Running Festival on August 21 and the Altamont 5K on August 27. Hang in there as September will soon usher in a cornucopia of great races! For full article, click here

*Shockingly* the Hard as Hell Half Marathon is ... Hard as Hell

by Jon Lindenauer
With the entrance of friend Jakob Irwin and these reassuring words from friend Shaun Donegan, "Dude, you'll be fine," he said, "there are a few good climbs but they are gradual." It was kismet. For full article, click here


by Bill Hoffman
Twelve years ago, at the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon, Bill Hoffman became hooked on distance running and we do mean hooked. He has run numerous ultras including 100 Milers and it wasn't until recently... For full article, click here

James Michael Tierney, May He Rest in Peace

by Grateful Members of the Club
James "Jim" Tierney was an integral part of the HMRRC for decades who enthusiastically carried out a multitude of duties, the top of which was being the Director of the Bill Robinson Masters 10K for almost 40 years. For full article, click here

Wakely Dam 55K Ultra

by David Roy
"Wakely Dam 55K is a low key, old school ultra ... It wasn’t even on my radar until Bill Hoffman brought it to my attention. Words have meaning.... For full article, click here

Event Management – Behind the Scenes

by Josh Merlis
The trucks from Josh Merlis' corporation AREEP (combo of ARE and Event Planning) can be seen at most local races. However, his reach is much further as you will find out here as he relates humorous anecdotes about what happens when meticulously planned events go awry. For full article, click here

The HMRRC Colonie Mile

The first HMRRC Colonie Summer Track program was held on July 8, 1969, and is still running strong in its 54th year with its original track coach Frank Myers calling the shots! Four-minute miles were run and there are phenomenal pictures by Bill Meehan of the race. For full article, click here

Runners' Obsession: Fall Races

by Benita Zahn
Fall is coming up and that means loads of races for the ardent runner to contemplate when tempted by almost all of them. The race season starts on Memorial Day when there is the HMRRC Labor Day Run, What Would Trevor Do Run ‘n Roll for Hope 5k in Saratoga, the Swanzey Covered Bridges half marathon, the Manure Run 5K and many more. For full article, click here

Geez, I wish I had Known: 2 Upcoming Races For You to Ponder

by Daniel Lennon, Michelle David and Chris Bishop
Usually races are highlighted after they are run, but we would like to recommend two upcoming races for you to consider that would start your Labor Day weekend off with a bang: the Run4theRiver Half Marathon and the HMRRC Labor Day 5K Race. For full article, click here

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

by Ryan Cooper
Ryan started running in 1999 but it wasn't until he met Coach Mat Nark that his running really took off. He describes his first two races with Mat coaching him: The Helderberg to Hudson Marathon in April this year followed by the Miles on the Mohawk 10M that he really crushed. For full article, click here

When Failure is Not the Negative You Think

by Mary Claire Falotico
When is running 80 miles in several hours considered a failure? When you are doing the prestigious Vermont 100 Mile Race. Mary Claire, an accomplished ultra runner, discusses what went awry and what she learned from her experience. For full article, click here

Cushioned Shoes: Is More Better?

by Jake Greski
"There has been a running shoe revolution over the past decade. Shoes today are much more technologically advanced, with high quality materials going into each pair." So here is the question: does the incredible cushioning in running shoes make them better? For full article, click here

Runner Questionnaire: Jake Greski

Who better to give us advice on running than Jake Greski who other than being a shoe fitter at Fleet Feet and a candidate for a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Russell Sage College, has an impressive running resume that you can read about here. For full article, click here

You Are Not Alone

by Louis Solano
One day in the summer of 2009, Louis Solano felt so depressed he contemplated suicide. After much thought and consultation with friends, he decided to take up running. He immersed himself in running and details the results that his choice made on his life. For full article, click here

Running for Mental Health

by Ansen Chamberlain
"It’s easy to get caught up in the stressors and craziness of life, so consider running as your way to fight that stress. My coach likes to say running is 75% mentality, so do what you can to ensure you have a good one.” For full article, click here

Empowering Female Athletes

by Theresa DeLorenzo
"This year, we decided (meaning I coerced Megan) to grow EFA to a three-day, two-night event at the beautiful Wiawaka Women’s Retreat Center on coveted Lake George ..." For full article, click here

Tools to Enhance Performance: News from ACSM

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
At the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), two presentations from the June 2022 meeting in San Diego that might be of interest to runners intent on improving their performance: one on coffee, caffeine and caffeinated foods; and the other on biomarkers. For full article, click here

Pliability for Runners: The Breakthrough Method to Stay Injury-Free, Get Stronger, and Run Faster

by Laura Clark, Reviewer
This book is interesting because it dwells on the prevention of what not to do after being injured. Interestingly, pliability and flexibility are not synonymous.... For full article, click here

Ask Theresa: Dr. DeLorenzo Answers Your Questions

by Dr. Theresa DeLorenzo
This month’s questions are: What carbs are best for running; If you run, can you get away with eating more junk food, and is it possible when running to overdo hydration? For full article, click here

Running to the Edge: Book Review

Reviewed by Tom O’Grady
If you love to learn about the sport of running and enjoy a good read, then Matthew Futterman’s Running to the Edge is a safe bet. There are essentially four stories packed into the book’s 275 pages  –  Bob Larsen, the Jamul Toads, Meb Keflezighi, and the author (Matthew Futterman). For full article, click here

HMRRC Club News

In this month's HMRRC Social News column we are proud to announce two engagements. Lauren Scarupa, a top runner and Pace Setter contributor and Douglas Clark; and Shylah Weber and Jacob Andrews, both elite runners whose recent Boilermaker results are heartwarming and spectacular. For full article, click here

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