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March 2019

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Winter Series 2018-2019

by Christine Bishop
The Winter Series races are a gift from the Club to its members as they are free and fun to run. The first part of the article highlights the Winter Warriors who ran all five events! The second part of the article deals with the top winners for each race and links to complete results.
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What's Your Next Big Race?

by Members of HMRRC
A poll was taken of club members asking them what big event they are training for to run in the spring. A lot answered the Runnin' of the Green, which will make Race Director Brian Northan happy, but there were many other answers that may surprise you.
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Writing a Scoring Engine for the HMRRC Grand Prix

by Brian Northan
Brian Northan describes and explains the intricacies involved in scoring the Grand Prix and the programs he has created to do it. He also asks if anyone has an IT background and is interested in helping the HMRRC with its web technology to contact him.
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Why Certify?

by Jim Gilmer
Jim Gilmer, USATF Regional Certifier for New York and an IAAF Grade A Measurer tells us all we wanted to know about course certification and were afraid to ask. This is the first in a series of articles he is writing for us.
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Willow Street Athletic Club Prepares for 2019!

by Brad Lewis and Karen Bertasso
Willow Street Athletic Club is anxiously gearing up for 2019 and we are excited to have new team members and new goal races.
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Mastering the Rate of Perceived Effort

by Dick Vincent, USATF Level 3 Coach
In this edition of Coaches Corner, Dick Vincent advocates the use of using the Rate of Perceived Effort to judge our performance in workouts and races. He feels our addiction to technology and apps have "cost many of us the art of pacing."
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Using Your Superpowers for Good

by Bill Hoffman
In this installment of Bill's Tales from the Trail he describes how his running skills helped a neighbor whose dog was lost during a particularly brutal part of the winter. A call went out to the neighborhood to help in the rescue and Bill describes what happened.
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Where Do These Kid Runs Lead

by Kristen Hislop
Another in our series of "It Runs in the Family." Kristen details how her children were literally born to run. Each had logged many miles with her even before they were born. It was destiny.
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Passion Makes Me Run

by Christine Myers
Christine is a stellar runner and in this article you can certainly understand why. Her passion drives her to achieve excellence in all she pursues including running. Her determination is inspirational.
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Off The Road – Racing Adversity

by Russ Ebbets
In this installment of Off the Road, Russ talks about adversity in running and how it can either hinder or enhance runners. The examples he gives are thrilling and because of the magic of the Internet, videos are included in the article.
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HMRRC Giving Back to the Community & How Your Running Can Make a Difference

by Sally Drake
For over 40 years, the HMRRC has been the bedrock of the Capital District running community. With a race calendar of nearly 30 events ranging from the mile to the marathon, the club offers its 2,400 members and many thousands more in the region a diverse range of opportunities to race and train.
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Athlete's Kitchen – Fueling Tips for Early Morning Runners

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD
A quandary for many runners is should they eat in the morning before they train or before a race? Is it better to eat before or after vigorous early morning exercise? Dietitian Nancy Clark settles this issue and provides healthful recipes for sports people.
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Books to Read After Running

by Sally Drake and Mark Mindel
Sally and Mark, both runners and readers, suggest great books to enjoy after a long run. One of Sally’s choices,We Begin our Ascent by Joe Mungo Reed is about a pro-cyclist on the Tour de France. "This is a rare novel about sports and athletes that is not over-simplified or cliche and in fact is brilliant in how it exposes the very dark side of professional sports."
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