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New HMRRC Members and Donations in January

January saw many new members sign up. As mentioned before, members are important for club functions. Donations were also received and as we give over $75,000 for charitable efforts, they are much appreciated. For full article, click here

Winter Series 3 – Overview: Race, Results & Volunteers

by Christine Bishop
Despite dire weather predictions that never materialized, 277 brave souls set out on 5K, 10K, and 25K races. Old Man winter did not phase these people. Bring it on! For full article, click here

Tom O’Grady: Winter Series 3 Race Director Answers Questions

Do you miss running the race since as a director it would be impossible? “I have usually just done my long run after everything is cleaned up. This year I did 16 miles (just a little longer than 25km) after the event was over." For full article, click here

Winter Series 4 – The Penultimate Contest

by Christine Bishop
On January 29, 286 runners set out in three different races. The weather was once again mild, making it a perfect winter day to race. Results are listed for all the races along with the volunteers, without whom the races could not be held. Why not volunteer for WS5, the ultimate race! For full article, click here

Staying in Shape During the Winter and Year 2022 in Review

by Brina Seguine, Pace Setter Poet Laureate
Once again, Brina pens poems for us about how to stay fit in winter to be a dynamite competitor in Spring races and a summary of running in the year 2022. Some of the events in 2022 you may have forgotten or wanted to forget. For full article, click here

How Do You Stay in Shape During the Winter?

by Members of the HMRRC
This question was asked to different runners. Their replies are varied and opinions about treadmill use are definitely diverse. Winter is a challenging time, but all have learned to cope with it and some to love it. For full article, click here

Cross Training is Key

by Benita Zahn
"Runners gonna run, right? Well, the best runners know they must also cross train. That’s because doing too much of anything is simply too much..." For full article, click here

How Not to Hibernate During the Winter

by Ryan Cooper
Ryan gives us good tips on how to cope with winter weather and win. His position on the treadmill is controversial, but has merit. He could be right. For full article, click here

Why Not Try a Running Stroll?

by Hugh Johnson
"I was young once, aspiring to be a fast cyclist and even a fast runner. My knees said no to anything resembling a hard or long run, so I learned to run for fun and bike as well..." For full article, click here

Footnotes: A Medical Journal – Part 2: The Kindest Cuts

by Stephanie Mumford Brown
Last month, Stephanie's left foot kindly described the operation that would remove a bunion that looked like the coastline of Spain punctuated by the Rock of Gibraltar. This month her "mouthy" right foot takes over ... For full article, click here

Cam Davis – Athlete of the Month

At age 22, Cam has already achieved a lot in running. He has a long road ahead of him that we can enjoy watching as he matures. We wish him well on his grand journey. For full article, click here

The Latest and Greatest in Running Shoes

by Jake Greski
Over the past few years, running shoe technology has experienced a significant and dramatic revolution. Today we have what are termed “super shoes''… For full article, click here

Support the Schenectady Firefighters and Have a Good Run

by John Falotico
The Schenectady Firefighters Cancer Foundation is holding a fundraiser road race: Run 4 Your Life 5k on March 25 in Central Park, Schenectady. After the race, there will be a Superhero Kid's race followed by a Chowderfest with fire department teams and restaurants competing for the Golden Clam trophy. Join in the fun and support your local firemen. For full article, click here

Bolivia: A Food Safari

by Anouk Booneman
"I usually try to get an understanding of a new country in different ways, but a very important one is through food." In this article Anouk shares two wonderful vegan recipes and describes... For full article, click here

The Write Track – Book Reviews for Runners

by Tom O'Grady
Elite runner and book lover, Tom O'Grady has agreed to start a column in The Pace Setter highlighting books runners should check out. His inaugural review is of Running is My Therapy – Relieve Stress and Anxiety, Fight Depression, Ditch Bad Habits, and Live Longer. For full article, click here

Sports Nutrition Podcasts: Listen Up!

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD-
Nancy Clark is one of the leading sports nutritionists in America and when she recommends podcasts for athletes, you know they are good. Get out your headsets or earbuds or whatever and listen to them as you jog or run around the kitchen preparing dinner. For full article, click here

Pre-Race Weight Loss: Helpful or Harmful?

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Many runners fantasize about losing weight (“Wouldn’t it be nice to lose a few pounds…”). Unlike some athletes who have to lose weight ... Is this healthy and helpful for an athlete? For full article, click here

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