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February 2019

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HMRRC Winter Series 2018-2019

by Christine Bishop and Friends
The HMRRC Winter Series is comprised of five events that help to brighten up the winter for all runners. This article is in two sections: the first a poll of members asking them why they run the series and the second dealing with the results and photos.
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Tales from the Trail – Winter Trail Running

by Bill Hoffman
In this installment of Bill Hoffman's column, Tales from the Trail, Bill talks about the delights of running on ice covered trails and recommends footwear that makes it possible. "Winter can be awesome with opportunities to improve downhill skills and enjoy amazing snow and ice covered terrain. "
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Yoga to Strengthen Your Body When Running in Snow

by Karli Taylor
This month's installment of Yoga for Runners deals with snow and the runner. "For me, there’s nothing quite like a run in freshly fallen snow. I love the crisp, quiet air and the crunch under my feet. If you are planning on hitting the streets in the snow this year, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.
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Maintain Your Speed with Winter Hill Reps

by Dick Vincent
"Winter is a perfect time to get aerobic miles and build endurance that will serve as a spring board later in the season when it is time for another phase of our long range training plan..."
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Doctors Rx – Making the Best Out of Winter Training

by Dr. Todd Shatynski
"Running in the cold is different than in warm weather." Dr. Todd Shatynski describes how to best take advantage of winter running that is complete with snow, ice, polar vortexes and other challenges.
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2019 HMRRC Banquet Photoessay

by Christine Bishop
The HMRRC has a banquet each year to bring members together in camaraderie to celebrate the achievements of members of the club who have accomplished outstanding acts either on the race track, as volunteers or to support the efforts of the club to enable and encourage running the Greater Albany Region..
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Dealing With Injury – Best Foot Forward

by Amanda Nicole Perri
Amanda deals with the impact an injury can have on a runner particularly when the diagnosis of the problem is not clear cut. Most think that you have an injury, go to a doctor, and then pursue a cure, be it medical or with physical therapy, but this is not always the case.
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Race Starting

by Dr. Russ Ebbets
In his column, Off The Road, Russ Ebbets deals with how to put your best foot forward when starting a race. "Starting is an aggressive act. One goes from zero to race speed in seconds, through force of will."
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Runner's Kitchen – Cadie Cargile Pangie’s Healthy Recipes

by Cadie Cargile Pangie
This installment of Runner's Kitchen features healthy recipes from Cadie, who miraculously has been handling motherhood, a new teaching job, and building a house with her husband. She kindly took time from her busy schedule to share with us two delicious vegan recipes.
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Athletes Kitchen – Five Reasons Why Runners Want to Eat Carbohydrates

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD
As the New Year starts, I hear way too many runners vowing to "knock off carbs" for their nutrition resolution. Most intend to eat less sugar (OK). Some plan to cut out bread, pasta, potato and starchy foods (not OK), and others plan to also limit fruits and veggies (bad idea). The reality is, carbs should be the foundation of your sports diet..
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Books to Read After Running

By Mark Mindel and Sally Drake
In this month's books, Mark recommends Like Father, Like Son about Matt Centrowitz and his son. Matt Senior was the first United States Olympic Gold Medalist in the 1500 meter run since 1908 and he now coaches at Manhattan College and has been to Albany for events. You can get a signed copy of this book at Fleet Feet Albany. Plus Sally reported that if you want to read a hilarious account about using a Fitbit, Calypso by David Sedaris is the book for you.
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Congratulations to Scott and Sasha Mindel

Scott Mindel has set many records in his racing career but now begins a new path in his life and we congratulate him and his wife, Sasha.
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