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August 2019

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How to Run Smart in Heat

by Dick Vincent, USATF/I.A.A.F. Level 3/5 Coach
With the heat and humidity upon us, we are all waging the battle against the elements. Running in this weather is a war you will not win, rather it is a treaty you must negotiate ...
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Running in the Heat – HMRRC Survey

by HMRRC Members
Can you take the heat? Many great races take place during the summer, so there is no choice for runners but to brave the weather. Read how HMRRC members creatively cope with the problem....
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Manitou’s Revenge UltraMarathon 2019

by Bill Hoffman
Manitou's Revenge is described as a, gnarly, nasty course with approximately 15,000 ft. of climbing, much of it rocky and precipitous or in other words, one of the most difficult ultras on the East Coast. This is the third time that Bill has tackled it in all its treacherous beauty. Did he finish before the sunset?? Did he PR??
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Pacing Bill Hoffman at Manitou’s Revenge

by Tom O'Grady
Tom provides a different perspective on the race as Bill's pacer for the last 26 miles. He joined Bill at the Platte Cove station and together they faced the devilish challenges ahead. Tom helped Bill to focus on maintaining and at times increasing his pace so they could achieve their agreed upon goal of reaching the finish line before nightfall beat them and to boot, maybe a PR for Bill in his third attempt at conquering Manitou.
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Racing in the Alps

by Jessica Northan
When vacationing in the Swiss Alps, what better way for Jessica and Brian Northan to enjoy themselves and beat the heat of summer than to run the Zermatt Marathon, which has the highest-altitude finish line in Europe.
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Dick Vincent: My Coach and Inspiration

by Shannon Pinkowski
Shannon relates her first meeting with Coach Dick Vincent and how he changed her life. Under his guidance she ran marathons and then came trail running, the more difficult, the better. Of course, this led to her becoming one of the Escarpment Trail Run mountain goats.
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My Running Career

by Alex Hislop
Alex, who was one of Shen's leading runners, is now on the path to Division I running at SUNY Buffalo. He shares with us his love for the sport, his fellow teammates and expectations from college. He represents the future in running and we look forward to following his progress.
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Running in My Life

by Meghana Caron
Meghana started running early in her life and has not stopped since. She is an all-around athlete and will be going to Ithaca College this fall and will be on both the field hockey and track team. She will be one busy lady. From time to time she will update us on her progress.
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On the Precipice of History: Seemingly Impossible Running Records Fall

by Thomas O'Grady
On May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister became the first human to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Since then, it has been achieved 6300 times (5100 outdoor and 1200 indoor.) Read about the other barriers of what was once deemed physically impossible have been conquered in this riveting article.
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The Escarpment Trail Run 2019

This incredibly difficult and challenging race designed by Dick Vincent was run for the 33rd time this year. In addition to fascinating facts about the race, the article contains a video hot off the film reels by Josh Merlis illustrating what a crazy masterpiece this race is.
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My Experience as a Trail Runner, Yoga Teacher and Kid-at-Heart at the Annual ARE Trail Running Camp

by Samara Anderson
Samara, a registered Yoga teacher, is one of several people who give classes at ARE's summer retreat in Dippikill, NY. The campers come to learn, relax, commune with nature, attend healing yoga classes, run on trails and to celebrate being with each other.
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Boston to Big Sur 2019

by Lauren Carnahan
"In the Fall of 2018, my best friend Heather and I had this crazy idea … let’s do Boston to Big Sur! I didn’t even hesitate; I love a challenge ..."
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Karen Bertasso is Olympic Marathon Trials Bound

by Sara Stover
On February 29, 2020, those super-humans who are talented enough to have nailed an impossibly fast qualifying time will toe the line and take their shot at making the Olympic team. Among them is an elite athlete and orthopedic PA, Karen Bertasso. Just what does it take to punch your ticket to the big race in Georgia? About six years of competitive distance running, and a well-executed marathon for one!..
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Boilermaker 2019

by Christine Bishop and Friends
The Boilermaker is one of the premier races of summer. It has thousands compete, many of them from foreign countries in pursuit of lucrative cash prizes, while others go to it for great beer and fantastic after parties ...
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Books to Read After Running

by Sally Drake and Mark Mindel
Both Sally and Mark are great athletes and great readers. Each month they recommend great books to read to relax. Enjoy their selections.
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Congratulations to Kristin Zielinski and Dallas DeVries who Met at HMRRC and ARE events!

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