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October 2016

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The Athlete's Kitchen (2016 Sports Nutrition News from ACSM)

HMRRC Club Minutes (September 14, 2016)

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New Record Set by Tom Dalton and Emily Bryans at the Dynamic Duo 2016

Meet organizers of the 36nd Annual Dynamic Duo were worried when Anny and Wade Stockman were the only pre-entries as of July 29 for the 36th Annual Dynamic Duo Road Race on August 6. It seemed kind of strange since the HMRRC Tuesday Nite Track Meets were inundated with so many people this summer that it was thought there would be a huge influx of new Duo entries ... continued

2016 HMRRC Anniversary Races In The Books

For an event that has benefitted by relatively nice weather for many years, it was bound to happen - we got rained on! Unlike many previous Anniversary Races, HMRRC celebrated the 45th anniversary of that first club race back in 1971 with showers this year. The wet weather may have cut into the numbers a bit, but certainly didn’t dampen the spirit of the runners who competed in the 2.95 mi or 5.9 mi runs. Nor did it stop the competitors in the first Kids‘ Fun Run (half mile on the road) ... continued

Running: Step 4 ... Spring Season of Training/to follow

Hi Folks, well, even though it isn’t spring yet ... the motivation to be prepared for it should be a priority in your running life. The workout tips I have previously written to you about are geared at getting you prepared to train in the Spring... continued

The Pace Setter is seeking articles!

This electronic version of The Pace Setter is seeking articles.
If you have recently run or plan to run an HMRRC race and want to report on it, let the Race Director know; he or she will be thrilled. Have you volunteered at a race and want to share your experience? Have you traveled to another race and want to share the moment? Have you met a goal, overcome an obstacle, completed your first race or your first marathon and want to share your excitement? Do you have words of advice or training tips for new members? Have you come across a new place to run and train and want to spread the word? Has HMRRC done something that has impacted our community and you that you want to brag about?
HMRRC and our members would love to hear from you, as we all share the passion and excitement of running, fitness, camaraderie and community. Submitting an article is easy and you have the ability to attach photos. Race articles and other time sensitive articles can get posted in real time. Thank you.
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